XYZprinting da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D Printer Review

XYZprinting da vinci jr 1.0 3d printer

3D Printer for Casual Needs

XYZ Printing has successfully brought another great product that you can try. Sometimes ago, they were launched one of great 3D printer you can try. It is called xyzprinting da vinci jr. 1.0 3d printer. We can say this printer has what all people that need 3D printing. So, let’s we take a look at what kind of printer Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 really is.


It’s love at the first sight. We like the cool and retro-like design that XYZ Printing use on this product. There is also some touch of simplicity or minimalist style on this printer. The orange color that they use on the both side also make the printer looks cool when you place it on your table. The size of the printer is also quite small. It’s only 16.5 x 15 x 16.9 inches and it’s only 26 pounds. This size also makes it easier to move around. Unfortunately, the small size of its body also affects the building space for the printed object, which is of course, affected the size of object you can print with this 3D printer. The build area in this printer is only 5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches. It’s quite small, or if you think it is okay, we can say it is average. We call it small in this da vinci jr 3d printer review because we compare it with similar class that has slightly bigger size.

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The first interesting feature that it has is the setup. It said that XYZ Printing makes this product, so it can be easily used by anyone. Plus, they also use plug-and-play concept. That means you don’t need to do lot of stuff to start using this product. The design doesn’t need any calibrating stuff, which usually take lot of time. You also need not to do some leveling on its build platform. You just need to take it out from the box, install the software, attach the entire filament spool and other part that support it, and then you are ready to print your first 3D object.

XYZprinting da vinci jr 3d printer

However, we also see some problem in this no calibration design. There is some case where you need to adjust your printer to fit with what you want. If that happens and you use xyzprinting da vinci jr. 1.0 3d printer, you can re-calibrate it to get the right setting like what you want. That means you may need to get other printer. But, mostly, if you use it for casual usage, you won’t need to do that complicated stuff.

This printer also use PLA filament or ABS filament, you just need to choose one. The great thing about xyzprinting da vinci jr. 1.0 3d printer is it has Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) cartridges. This cartridge can automatically load the filament and detect if the filament is going to run out. It makes you easier to know when you have to replace the filament.

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This 3D Printer uses two different type of connection to print the object that you have. There is USB port and cable you can use to print it directly from your PC or laptop. Of course, you need to install the da vinci jr 3d printer software first and you can get it in the package. It’s Free XYZmaker 3D design software, Free XYZware 3D printing software and Free XYZprinting STEAM 3D printing curriculum. Use the software and print. The other method is using SD Card. Just save the object you want to print in the SD Card and plug it into this printer. Then you can use the simple LCD screen on this printer to choose the object and the printing option. This is actually simple to do, which also make it as one of the advantages of this printer.


The printing process in xyzprinting da vinci jr. 3d printer basically is quite good. There is no serious problem that occurs during the printing process. Once it starts printing the object, it will complete it without problem. However, the problem is the result. There are three options of printing detail you can choose from the software. They are Normal quality (400 microns), Good quality (300 microns) and Excellent quality (200 microns). When you choose the Good quality option, the result is quite satisfying. However, for other two options, it little bit disappointed. The Excellent quality ends up with not so detailed printing result. It’s not smooth and its quality is lower compared to other 3D printer printing result with similar setting. The Normal quality also gives us some problem with really rough result. So, we can say that Normal quality is for you who want to make sketch or draft for the object you want to make.

The other problem is the software. The interface is good and easy to use; however the response is very slow. You need to wait for few seconds, until the printer did the command like you entered. On some case, the software crash after you enters some command. The other case it sometimes show the error message when you try to print 3D object. However, when you try it later with similar setting, xyzprinting da vinci jr. 1.0 3d printer will work.

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