The New Qidi Technology X-Pro 3D Printer Review

Regardless of “PRO” within the identify, the QIDI X-PRO’s specifications are quite standard. A sturdy heated metal build plate benefits an awkwardly-sized 8.8”Lx5.9”Dx5.9”H construct area. Utilize regular resolutions around 100-500 microns to create PLA or ABS types of regular to above-average quality. Basically, as expected, the X-PRO attributes dual-extrusion to generate multi-colored products.

The QIDI X-PRO includes their exclusive QIDI Printing cutting software, which can be great for novices and trainers. Even professional buyers will discover benefit within this user-friendly, however comprehensive, software. This 3D printing device also provides assistance for Simplify3D, where it features a profile, and Cura, where you need to develop your very own.

Connecting to as well as handling the QIDI X-PRO is easy due to its several connections choices. Select from USB, Wireless network, or Sdcard to transfer your G-code and get producing quickly utilizing the responsive 4.3” touch screen.

Another thing that puts the QIDI Technology X-PRO aside from the competitors are its sturdy metal design and superior elements. This 3D printer’s powerful components improves the outstanding stability of the X-PRO, and consequently enhances print quality. Helpfully, the X-PRO arrives at your home generally assembled. Many people begin their initial printing within an hour or so to starting the box.

Having a totally enclosed construct area, the X-PRO gives superb heat level control. The door magnetically enclosures towards the device, which makes it straightforward to close and open. The X-PRO’s smart Turbofan wrapp installation also assists in heat level control. This installation sends air flow more effectively over your style for convenient, even cooling.

Removable Build Platform on X-PRO

Qidi Technology X-Pro 3D Printer Review

Another identifying function of the PRO-X is its easily-removed metal assemble device. Taking away your completed print through the assemble plate is generally a difficult occasion. It’s difficult to softly reach in to the printer, and pulling your completed product off can be hard.

The X-PRO’s versatile, easily-removed build platform corrects these issues. Simply just take off the platform within the build plate once your product is done. It’s versatile, so that you can conveniently bend the woking platform to assist remove your product. Furthermore, products stick perfectly to this platform without tools such as glue or tape.

Basic Filament Options on X-PRO

Because the X-PRO is lacking in all-metal extruders, their extruding temperatures are available to 250C. Which means you are able to simply work with PLA and ABS filaments with this particular 3D printing device. Usually, that wouldn’t become a trouble. A lot of people just use PLA or ABS, specifically newbies as well as lecturers. We only are expecting better along with a device advertised as “professional” standard. To be honest, this printer’s primary competitors, the Flashforge Creator Pro, has problems with identical filament restrictions. Thankfully, these two 3D printers could be easily improved with all-metal extruders to be used together with filaments such as nylon.

Manual Bed Leveling on X-PRO

Manually leveling a 3D printer’s printing bed is really a tiresome task. That’s the reasons why high grade 3D printers provide automatic bed leveling – the pain-free method to make sure a good printing place. However, the QIDI X-PRO isn’t one of these. You have to preferably manually point the bed if this gets to be unaligned. Once again, to always be honest, the Flashforge Creator Pro needs manual bed stabilizing, too.

Watch a cool video review of Qidi X-Pro, thanks to Peter Homer

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