QIDI Technology X-ONE 3D Printer Review

Affordable 3D Printer with Complete Feature

Nowadays, there are many 3D printer products you can easily found. It used to be one of premium gadget on the market, with the price that maybe a company or institution can afford it. Now, you can buy one that is not only affordable, but also has good performance. Qidi Technology X-One 3d Printer is one of them. So, what can you get from this 3D printer?


One word that suffice for describe its appearance maybe is simple. Too simple, we can say. Qidi Technology X-One 3d Printer is really similar to the printer that you can found usually on the factory or company. There is only slight consideration, we thought, from Qidi Technology as the product maker. It just likes a blue box with some machinery stuff inside it. You can’t even use it for decoration. However, judging from its look, it will looks like professional 3D printer, doesn’t it?

Product Specification

We can say Qidi Technology X-One is equipped with nice component inside. First, it uses FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printing technology that can make the filament that you use become easier to shape the object that you want. Talking about the shape, this 3D printer is also able to create printing result with layer resolution from 100 to 500 microns. That’s quite detailed. And, it also has high precision in printing the object, with the positioning of the printer nozzle at 11 microns on X and Y axis and 2.5 microns on Z axis. This printer uses nozzle with 0.4 mm diameter, which make it able to print small part of the object. The filament diameter that it used is 1.75 mm, which supports its high detail printing process.

qidi technology x one 3d printer

The printer size is also quite big. Its size is 15 x 12.5 x 14 inches. And, with this size, you will have quite big space to print quite big object. The build volume you can get from this 3D printer is 150 x 150 x 150 mm. the printer body is made of metal. So, we can say that it’s pretty durable. Unfortunately, the metal body that it uses makes this printer quite heavy. The printer weight is about 19 kg (42 lbs). Therefore, it’s not easy to move it around, which decreases its portability point. Maybe, it was actually made for professional that doesn’t move it around and use it at their business place.

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Now, for you who want to use Qidi Technology X-One 3d Printer, you need to use Cura or Simplify 3D. Basically, they are good software you can use. They are free and has quite complete feature that you can use. It also compatible with most of OS you might use, such as Windows 7, 8 or Vista or Mac OS X. the printer also is equipped with SD card and USB port, along with USB cable you can use. This is also making you easier to transfer data from your computer to be printed using this 3D Printer. This printer also only uses 100 W powers, which means it save more energy.

By looking at the specification, we can say that Qidi Technology X-One 3d Printer has everything that you need. It’s quite powerful printer. It also can be used for private needs or just for fun, or you also can use it for professional need, like for your business.

The Features

The specification can be considered above the average. However, what make us decide to write this qidi technology 3d printer review is the feature that it has. First, like other 3D printer, this printer use two type of filament, the PLA and ABS. you can’t use both of them at the same time, but just choose the type that fit with your need.

Qidi Technology also uses cool design on its body structure. They use double layer metal structure on it. This design make the printing process become more stable. More than that, it also has metal platform support with CNC machined aluminum alloy. This part has 6 mm thickness that makes the base where you print the 3D object is really flat. This part also supports the stable structure of its body, which of course result in good printing result.

We said that Qidi Technology try to boost its stability to print 3D object. Other than features above, they also use upgraded 10 mm guide rod. This will help this printer to have precise Z axis movement. More than that, this upgraded rod also keeps the platform arm from changing.

And, of course, one of the best features you can find on this product is the 3.5 inch touch screen. This will make you easier to operate this printer. More than that, the design and interface of the menu on this touch screen is also user-friendly. Even though you are beginner, you can easily use it, with few practice and try, and of course by reading the qidi 3d printer manual that you also can get in the box.

qidi tech x one 3d printer in action

qidi tech x one result

What’s In the Box?

When you buy this printer, you will get these:

  • 1 unit of Qidi Technology X-One 3d Printer

  • 1 roll of PLA filament with random color

  • Power cable

  • USB cable

  • SD Card

  • SD Card Reader

  • Scraper

  • Tool Box

  • Filament Guide Tube

Qidi also is well-known with their great packaging. And, you also can see it on Qidi Technology X-One 3d Printer. It’s well packaged, which protect all parts inside. It’s little bit difficult to open, however once you get used to it, you can take all the part out of its package.


  • Easy setup
  • High detailed result
  • Affordable price
  • Very durable body structure
  • Stable printing process


  • Design too bland
  • Heavy weight
  • It’s quite noisy

Watch QIDI TECH X-ONE 3D Printer In Action

Summary of Qidi Technology X-One
  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • Technology
  • Price


We can say, that this 3D printer is one of best choice for you who are looking for 3D printer. It’s affordable, easy to use and it also produces good printing result.

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