Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer Review

Picture of Monoprice Maker Select Mini 3d Printer

Cheap 3D Printer with Nice Specification

Few years ago, there were only few people that can buy and own 3D printer. Beside the price is really expensive, the availability of the product is also very low. We can say, at that time, 3D printer was only made for production needs, company or prototype creation. But, today, you can find 3D printer almost anywhere. More than that, the price is also affordable. One of them is one of Monoprice product called Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printer with Heated Build Plate.

Specification Review

The first thing that we would like to talk in this monoprice mini 3d printer review is the printer construction. The printer was assembled in really good way, which makes it very durable. We can say that the manufacturer that create this printer prepare it for hard impact and such. More than that, the size of the building area is also quite big. 120 mm x 120 mm x 120 mm is enough to create simple object with good enough size. On this area, there is also heated build plate that placed on the bottom. And according to the specification information you can find on its package, this printer can create object with 100 micron resolution. However, this isn’t true. Actually, this printer can create smaller object than that mentioned size. So, we can say, this is good thing, because you get 3D printer that can do much better than you read.

Our MP select mini 3d printer review also want to make you notice about this 3D printer’s software compatibility. As mentioned on its specification, this product can be used with the design or object you create using Cura software, Repetier-Host, ReplicatorG and Simplify 3D. This is actually great thing, because those are great software for printing 3D object. And, all of them are affordable, moreover Cura is free to get.

monoprice select mini 3d printer specification

But, you should know that actually, this product isn’t new product. It seems that this is the remodel version of the existed product that was created and launched few years ago in China. You can find almost identical product with this one on some China’s online shop. But, you don’t need to worry. From our point of view, the specification and its capability aren’t quite disappointing.

The great thing about this Monoprice Maker Select 3d Printer is the material that they used to build the printer. The chassis of the printer was made of metal. That means this product is much stronger if you compared it with other 3D printer on the same class.

Printing Process

mp select mini 3d printer - printing processWe can’t say that what you can get from Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer will be perfect result. You can’t compare it with more expensive and professional 3D printer you can find out there. It can print detailed object, but not the very detailed one. The Z axis when it is in the middle of printing process also kinds of wobbling. This make the result looks not that perfect, especially on the vertical shape. However, it’s still acceptable.

However, the most disappointing one is the hotend part. This monoprice select 3d printer seems has poor control of the temperature for its hotend part. This make the filament that should be come out smoothly, become very bubble. You can find it on the result, where there is some bumpy surface because of this matter. The different of temperature is quite significant. You can see almost 5 degree differences, which we can say it’s very big different and has big effect on the result. The main problem comes from PID loop. It wasn’t calibrated that make this printer can’t control the temperature perfectly. Unfortunately, this printer also doesn’t have PID auto tune, which make you unable to re-calibrate it to fix this problem. But, we can say it wouldn’t be problem, you can still fix the result manually.


Upgrade It!

The good thing about Monoprice Maker Select Mini 3d Printer is you can upgrade it. That way, you can improve its performance, make better printing result or solve many problems you can find on this printer. Here are some upgrades you can use for this open design concept 3D printer>

  • The hotend or the part that heating up the filament, so it can be used as ink to print the 3D object can be replaced with E3D V6 hotend. This is the standard part, and the hotend problem will be solved.
  • You also can download and install Malyan M200. This is the original firmware for the Monoprice product. However, you must be extra careful, so, you won’t damage the printer.

Actually, there are more things you can do. But, we can say these two upgrades is the safer upgrade you can use, without risking your 3D printer.


Here are some specifications for this Monoprice Maker Select 3d Printer:

  • What you get in the box are MP Select Mini 3D printer, fully assembled, filament rack with filament sample inside, AC power adaptor and cord, Micro USB cable, MicroSD Card 2GB with sample object, plastic bed scraper and bed leveling wrench.
  • Filament you can use ABS and PLA
  • Aluminum heated bed plate with cooling feature for fast printing.
  • 1 year replacement warranty
  • Bed scraper for removing the object from bed plate
  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Pros and Cons


  • Assembled and ready to use
  • High precision printing result with high detail result
  • Affordable around $200
  • Sturdy design
  • Upgradable
  • Easy to operate
  • You can use most of standard filament


  • Difficult to calibrate
  • Hotend problem, you need to spend more money to replace it with better one of using new calibration, which can be very technical.
  • No Wireless
  • Bad result at high speed printing process

Summary Of Monoprice Select Mini 3d Printer
  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • Technology
  • Price


Overall, Monoprice Maker Select Mini 3d Printer actually is good quality 3D printer. However, it isn’t suitable for you who want to use it for serious work, such as printing project or sample for your product. You can still use it for print simple art or decoration. Or, sketch that you will fix it later or as guide to create much better object with better printer.

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