MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer Review


3D printing is now very helpful to create so many things. Everything can be digitally designed and then printed using 3D printer. One of the best products of 3D printer is MakerBot Replicator+ 3D printer. This 3D printer is completed by sophisticated features including noise redactor, integrated software, and so on. It makes the Replicator + the best 3D printer you can find these days. With this tool, you can basically create anything that you want. Sky is the limit with this 3D printer. This printer is designed with ergonomic shape, improvements in speed, and also bigger in volume. As the result, this 3D printer is suitable for professional users as well as regular users. Below, you will read the MakerBot Replicator + review. It is a complete review to unveil the features in this amazing 3D printer.

The Design and New Features

As stated before, the design of the 3D printer is basically very ergonomic. It is just 16.2 x 17.4 x 20.8 inches in size so that it can easily get placed on a table. The weight of the 3D printer is approximately 35 pounds. The shape is basically simple with an opening on the sides, at the front, and on the top as well. It allows you to access the print bed easily. You can also track the printing process right away without having to open anything at all. The new features in this Replicator + compared to the Ultimaker 2+ (its predecessor) are including 25% larger volume, 30% quicker printing process, and quieter printing process.

The Parts of Replicator + 3D Printer


The MakerBot Replicator+ 3D printer is using filament and extruder as well to create the 3D printing result. The filament used for this printer is polylactic acid filament. This PLA filament should be 1.75 mm thick to be used properly in the printer. This kind of filament is known to be consistent and durable. So, the 3D printing result will have great durability and consistency. This is why this 3D printer along with the PLA filament is suitable for professionals such as engineers or designers. To insert the PLA filament into the 3D printer, all you need to do is go to the control panel of the printer and press “Load Filament”. If you want to unloading it, you just do it in reverse. As for the extruder of this 3D printer, the extruder is very easy to install as well as remove. All you need to do is snapping it to install the extruder and unsnapping it to remove the extruder. It is as easy as that because the extruder is held in place by magnets. This extruder is a “smart extruder” because basically it can detect if you are running out of PLA filament and then immediately paused the printing. The extruder is also capable to send notifications to your smart phone when the printing is done or when the PLA is running out.

Software and Connectivity

The MakerBot Replicator+ software that you need to operate the 3D printer is in the form of an app. It is called MakerBot Print app. It is a simple app that you can easily use. All you need to do is using it to open the file that you want to print. More than that, you can also print different projects at the same time. You can also export files to drives such as USB to be printed later on. If you want to 3D print something with this 3D printer, you need to make sure that the resolution of the files must be at least 200 microns. It will give you the standard quality of 3D printing. The MakerBot Print app can also be opened on smartphone and tablet so that controlling the printing is even easier. Connecting the printer is also easy. It can be connected using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB as well. As long as the device has MakerBot Print app in it, the printer can be easily connected.

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Printing Process

The printing process is easy. The sophisticated features in the 3D printer allows you to minimize the risk of misprint. Considering that the price of PLA filament is quite expensive, misprinting is such a waste of money. With this Replicator + 3D printer, misprint can be easily minimized. Printing something using this 3D printer is also considerably safe. The extruder nozzle is secured even though the printer has open sides. It is dangerous to safe the extruder during printing process because the extruder can be really hot. However, in Replicator +, the extruder nozzle is blocked by a sort of carriage so that it is not easy to touch at all. The motor sound of this printer is also considerably low. You do not hear rearing noise almost at all. The 3D printer is completed by noise reduction technology so that you will not wake anyone up when you use this printer.

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Pros, Cons, Conclusion, and Price


Let us begin with the price of the 3D printer. This MakerBot Replicator + price is around $2,499.00. It is a fair price considering that this 3D printer is completed by great features as well as sophistications and safety features. Talking about the pros, cons, and conclusion, below is the list for you:


The good things about this 3D printer are including the fact that it is easy to use. Also, the result of the printing is considerably good. The PLA filament creates durable and consistent 3D printing result. Beside of that, it is also user friendly so that you can easily use it. It is also completed by safe design and noise reduction. Last but not least, it can print via USB.


The bad things about this 3D printer are including the fact that PLA filament that is required by this printer is quite expensive. Beside of that, the app version of the software to operate the printer is not too easy to control.

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