DIY RepRap Prusa I3 V2 3D Printer Kit Review

reprap prusa i3 kit RepRap Prusa I3 3D printer kit is one of the best products to perform 3D printing in affordable way. As we know, 3D printing is now applicable in almost every field. The application is simply endless because with 3D printer, we can print anything without having to sculpt and cut. We can just design something with computer and then print it right away. Unfortunately, 3D printer is still considerably expensive for some people. It is because the price is usually above $2,000. Thus, affording 3D printer is not for everyone. With RepRap Prusa I3, it is now possible. This 3D printer kit is completed by high end features like a 3D printer should be. However, the price is incredibly affordable. It is nowhere near expensive for a 3D printer. How much is it? Well, you can find the answer down below along with the RepRap Prusa I3 review.

The Printer at a Glance

This 3D printer is one of the simplest 3D printer you can find in the market. The shape and feature of this 3D printer kit is very simple because it is designed to be used by regular people. This 3D printer is known to be DIY 3D printer because it can be used by anyone regardless of the background. The aim of this 3D printer is to give better and easier 3D printing experience for all users. This 3D printer allows you to build whatever you want using 3D printing method without having to cut, alter, drill, and solder anything. Only by designing the thing that you want to print on your computer, you can simply print it and you will have the result as soon as possible.

New Features in RepRap Prusa I3

One of the new feature of this 3D printer kit is the new LCD screen. In the previous version of this 3D printer kit, there is no LCD screen available. Now in this RepRap Prusa I3, we can control the 3D printer easier. The LCD screen can also be used to perform several features including increasing printer speed. If you think that the printer takes too long to print something, you can increase the printer speed without having to stop the printing process. You can just press the button directly from the screen. This LCD screen can also preheat the nozzle of the printer and also the printing bed before you start printing something.  Beside of this integrated LCD screen, this 3D printer is also completed by SD card controller. You do not have to buy extra memory because 8GB storage is included. This 3D printer is also completed by optimized firmware. This specially optimized firmware can bring quiet performance for the 3D printer. So, printing something using 3D printer is not going to be full of buzzing and grinding noise with this RepRap Prusa I3 kit. This feature is going to help you to print something quietly without bothering the people around you.

Design and Parts

The design of RepRap Prusa I3 3D printer kit is quite comfortable to see. This complete kit of 3D printer has an 8-inch x 8-inch borosilicate heat bed glass. The heatbed is completed by cold corners compensations. It is very useful when you print warpless 3D stuff. It can be used for any materials. This 3D printer’s heatbed is also easy to connect to all wires and motor wires. Beside of the heatbed, this 3D printer is also completed by open frame design. So, you can reach out the printing result or adjust the nozzle easily. The nozzle used in this printer is a 0.4 mm nozzle. It will be perfect to print on 1.75 mm filament. The nozzle is changeable and easily to change. The 3D printer has automatic mesh bed levelling that can make the printing process easier. Beside of that, the printer is also completed by skew axes compensation which is automatic and easy to use. Overall, this printer has 31% bigger volume than the previous version so that it can print bigger stuff.

The Software

The RepRap Prusa I3 software is free software. This printer is using software freedom feature so that the user can choose their 3D printer software as they like. The printer is adjustable and adaptable to any kind of printing software. So, the users can choose the one they like the best according to the CAD program the use. The printer software can be found practically anywhere on the internet free or paid.

Filament and Printing Process

The printing process is 40% faster than the average. It is because this printer is completed by E3D V6 Full hotend. This feature allows the printer to print 3D object even faster and quieter for sure. Beside of that, this 3D printer is completed by easy multicolor printing feature so that the object that you print is not necessarily one-colored only. This printing process can be even better if you use supported materials for this printer including carbon-fibers enhanced filaments, PLA, PET, Flex PP, ABS, HIPS, nylon, laybrix, and polycarbonates. When you first buy this printer, you will get 1kg free of filaments. The printing process is also great because this Prusa I3 3D printer kit is only consume 70 W of electricity in average. The printing result is overall great but it is not perfect when it comes to detail.

Pros, Cons, Conclusion, and Price

Let us begin with the price. As stated before, even though this 3D printer kit is completed by high end features like a 3D printer should be, the price is incredibly affordable. It is nowhere near expensive for a 3D printer. It is around $319 only. With this affordable price, surely bringing home this DIY 3D printer is not going to be a problem at all.


  • Affordable price
  • Quieter and faster printing process
  • Free software, easy to download from the internet
  • Open framed design
  • Various filaments types
  • Integrated LCD screen


  • Detail is not perfect in the printing result.

Summary of Diy Reprap Prusa I3 V2 3d Printer
  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • Technology
  • Price


This RepRap Prusa I3 3D printer kit is basically a very good and affordable 3D printer that can be afforded by anyone.

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