Detailed Review of FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Wooden Frame

flashforge 3d printer review

A few years ago, the price of 3D printer is really high and most people prefer to get 3D printing service instead of having the printer themselves. As time goes by, the more affordable options start to appear and begging for attention. Amongst them is this FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro. Although that its price is tempting, many still hesitant to pick it up. Check the following FlashForge 3D Printer Creator review if you are amongst the people who have hesitation to buy this 3D Printer.

What’s in the Package?

Let’s start FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro review by checking what buyer will get from the package. This one 3D printer is the successor to the previous model and it ads several improvements to come to life. Whilst the predecessor has wooden frame, the successor has sturdy metal frame. In one package, aside of finding a unit of printer, you will also find 2 spool holders, 2 filament guide tubes, dual extruder, 1 PLA spool, 1 ABS spool, cables for power supply and USB as well as an accessory bag containing hex and bolts wrench kits. Inside of the package, there is also a 4GB SD card containing the files for test sample, software as well as user manual.

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Overview to the Key Features

  • Metal frame makes it sturdier compare to the previous model.
  • The enclosed chamber insulates as well as protects the ABS prints.
  • 6.3mm aluminum plate of aviation level with absolute flatness on its surface and won’t warp when the printer is in a heating process.
  • The support of metal platform as well as the 10mm guide rod will make sure the precision of axis movement as well as preventing the arms of the platform from deforming.

A Few Improvements Over the Previous Version

As aforementioned, this printer is an updated version to the older model. It does carry the obvious improvements those will enhance user experience. The most obvious improvement is seen in its metal frame. It obviously supports the printer to be steadier when being used. Compare to the older model that uses the wooden frame, the newer one is sturdier and doesn’t require manual maintenance to keep it tight. Of course, it’s not just about the frame. As mentioned earlier, the platform has also received improvement. It is now aluminum plate with resistance towards the high temperature and won’t warp while being used. It’ll remain flat.

flashforge 3d printer creator pro

Another improvement can be seen through the printing area. In the previous model, this part is not well illuminated. But now, the new FlashForge 3D Printer Creator has the good LED lights making the printing area well illuminated and you can see what’s going on there. One more improvement comes from the transmission axis of Y. It is now fixed with corner fittings that will be capable of keeping the axis straight as well as making the installation process an easier thing to be done. These improvements make the printer a worthy one to be considered and even purchased.

Setting and Preparing the Printer

Before the printer can be used, you obviously need to properly prepare it. For the FlashForge 3D Printer Creator setup, there will be nothing particularly difficult to be done. If you read the user manual, you’ll be able to setup the printer easily in just a few minutes. User manual is included in the SD card mentioned earlier and but you can also visit the official website of FlashForge in order to see the manual. What needs to be done is to simply install the two extruders and also insert two screws. Once the printer is ready, it’s time to install the software.

Again, the software is included in the SD card along with the FlashForge 3D Printer Creator manual. It’s possible to use different software. If you have found a better software and wish to use that one, you just need to properly coordinate the printer with your chosen software. In different software, the printer will be recognized with different name. After your setup is completed, you will be ready to use the printer. Before starting the printer, check again whether everything is on its place so there won’t be any problem during the printing process.

Printer’s Performance: The Printouts

The overall performance of FlashForge 3D Printer Creator is very good and satisfying. When you print with ABS filament, you will need heated build plate. The heated plate will make the Kapton tape stick very well to the surface of build plate and materials will stick to the Kapton tape’s surface well. A little bit of problem comes when printing with the PLA filament. The material doesn’t seem to stick on the surface of However, this is only the matter of finding the right temperature setting. It will take time to experiment the right temperature. After that, everything will go well without problems. Even if problems occur, the customer service is ready to help.

flashforge 3d printer setup

FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro is not a perfect printer. It is not without dissatisfaction from its users. It has great things those will be loved by many as well as some drawbacks to be cautious about.

The Good

  • Available in a very affordable price.
  • Sturdy metal frame guarantees the steadier processing and more precise 3D printing.
  • The printing area is very well illuminated with LED lights. There’s no need to get a flashlight just to know how’s the printing process going.
  • Printing quality is good especially when using the ABS filament.
  • 3-month warranty.

The Bad

  • Printing with PLA filament needs a little bit of experiment to find the best temperature to work on.
  • A few more problems may occur in operating the 3D printer. Assistance of experts is recommended.

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