Cube 3 3d Printer Review


 Cube 3 3D Printer Review

The Cube 3 3D printer is a great value for money printer producing smooth layers and excellent details in ABS and PLA plastic. This is an easy-to-use printer making it an ideal choice for office or school need. It comes with a series of advanced features including two extruders for 20 shades of dual color printing, dependable WiFi connectivity and easy control from various devices including Mac, iOS, PC and Android devices. This 3D printer is fully capable to bring creative project of yours to life and built dual-color objects. With easy setup that merely needs a few minutes, this printer can soon be used. Recommended for classroom Cube and already meets the Home Printer Certification 60953 IEC. Let’s get more feeds regarding this printer features and functions.

Elegant Self-Contained Design

On the outside, it is looking elegant thanks to smart and clean design as simple and sophisticated as  Apple’ product. It is particularly designed for your lifestyle thanks to intuitive multi color touchscreen. When it’s connected to wireless internet connection, it will feature 70 micron printing with high resolution. And its moving parts are mostly enclosed under the translucent plastic. The printing material is held in its plastic cartridges so you’ll never see it yourself. Unlike most 3D printers that feature multiple extruders, Cube 3d Printer builds the extruders into filament cartridge. Basically, how it works is similar to ink-jet printers. This includes the print head which is specifically built to its ink cartridge. This way, it allows you to get new cartridge and print head so you do not need to be bothered with cleaning the extruder. However, the way this printer works may increase the cost. When the print bed is handling the forward-backward and up-down motion, the print head is moving right and left. With this combination, it’s possible to allow maximum print area in the size of 6 x6 x 6 inch with total of 216 cubic inches. This is actually big enough for office and school purpose although is only less than half compared to volume offered by printer with bigger capacity like MakerBot Replicator.

Smart Printing


Enjoy smart and more enhanced printing experience thanks to Smart Cartridge with integrated snap in nozzle. You can rely on much easier and faster printing. As the printer is equipped with smart chip as well, so let the printer communicate with Cube on behalf of you. In every time the print works, you can rest assure with the result as it is consistently high in quality with unique chemical composition and color. As for the printing speed, Cube 3 3D printer offers midrange speed. It means the speed is fast yet not outstanding. The latest test showed the printer 5 hours and 30 minutes when using standard preset. Meanwhile, the premium preset took around 14 hours and 15 minutes. During the printing process, it can a bit noisy as it produces irritating whines in high pitch from motors. At the same time, there is this clank sound every time the print bed moves down and up.

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Limitless Choice of Colors

There is no doubt that the print can offer 20 high quality colors along with dual color prints. To get the best result, you can simply do the mix and match of the colors and materials. Of course, the cube printing also unlimited as well thanks to compostable PLA plastic and recyclable ABS.

Fully Automated Setup

This Cube 3 3d Printer Review shows how easy the setup is. Based on the test print performed earlier, it takes only half an hour to start the first printing after opening the box. All thanks to fully automated setup. The setup was mostly about letting this 3D printer to run the calibration procedure. You won’t get automated setup unless from this very printer as it is supported with magnets that are placed under print’s bed. Since it uses unheated print head, you must apply glue to make sure the project stick to prints bed.

Cloud Based Software and Controls

Once you unboxed Cube 3 3D printer, you will notice 2.5 inch touch screen and a power button. The screen allows you to choose certain model to be printed out, to connect the printer of WiFi network and also to change materials of the print. Overall, this touch screen isn’t disappointing although you may have to use sharp jab of your finger to run the command. Meanwhile, the cloud store most of the controls. This very printer is supported with cloud printing in #d system. It tells about how the printer actually works. It’s started with you uploading print job to cloud’s service. Then, the cloud service processes all the files before sending instruction to printer. And yes, this Cubify software is compatible with any devices and OS including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows based devices.

Print Quality


The next thing revealed in this Cube 3d Printer Review is the print quality. It’s true the printer is totally capable to deliver very good quality printing result. Each printing comes with smooth curves, well blended layers and of course the excellent detail. Even if you ask the printer to process difficult details for the printing, the device does a very good job. However, there are some projects that the printer failed including geometric sculpture. That’s maybe because of lack technical aspect still cannot be revealed yet.


Despite the various useful features and functions Cube 3 3D printer has to offer, drawbacks are still noticeable. This printer is an ink-jet model. The printer price is cheap but the materials are not especially in the long run for users that tend to do lots of printing. The expensive materials include cartridge that can cost $49 for each. Another drawback is its enclosed design that makes it hard for you to see under the hood when problems occur. You will also tend to not recognize when the printing fails and it makes you waste more expensive material.

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