Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500 – Top 10 Picks For 2018

Finding The Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500 Spending Budget is not an easy task. For many years, bookshelf speakers are actually an important part of hi-fi systems. A long time ago, you’d coordinate them to the furnishings in your house. Today, you might want the audio system to match your desk or the HD video products you use.

Even though bookshelf speakers have been a popular of audiophiles, at some point these were nearly substituted with commercialized computer speakers or small speaker takes hold the regular households. Don’t worry, bookshelf speakers have already been getting a huge comeback in recent times. And now we might come to an understanding that their audio quality is unrivaled.

So, if you are seeking for exceptional audio quality, lightweight design, and visual appeal, bookshelf speakers will be a great choice. Nevertheless, their characteristics, size, and overall performance are different based on your requirements, price range, and priorities. We’ve got some recommendations of 10 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $500 to buy, continue reading to see them.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bookshelf Speaker


Bookshelf speakers are designed for improved areas such as shelves, tables, and stuff like that. They aren’t designed for a floor. Consequently, anything compact that may slip in limited places is what your goal needs to be. Considering that their sizes are vastly different, I can’t outrightly pronounce a specific size to be the normal. The space of a room or exactly where the speaker will be set up is what you need to use in figuring out which of the Bookshelf Speakers you’ll be choosing for your room!

Frequency Impulse

Bookshelf speakers are usually useful for mid and high array of the sound. As low end is accountable to bass, you will not find a lot of low bass however the middle bass and highs will probably be excellent. An excellent set of bookshelf speaker need to cover 90 Hertz (Hz) to 15,000 Hz.


A Bookshelf Speaker with Wireless bluetooth connection will be of excellent comfortableness to you. With this particular attribute on your loudspeaker, it is possible to hook up to any Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS unit. You may as well get connected to your Mp3 music player.


A top quality yet low priced loudspeaker could be much better. Typically, Bookshelf Loudspeakers are cheaper than the typical product. So, look at your spending plan and search for a good quality product that comes with it. There are plenty of these speakers that you can buy.


A top-notch sound receiver will enhance your music and help to make your loudspeakers sound excellent. If you do not poses one I extremely recommend buying one. You can take a look at this receiver from Yamaha that price a bit more than 100 bucks however it will create a massive difference in the quality of your sound.

If you need to look a little more deeply and find out about house audio, perhaps you can look at this comprehensive guideline from DigitalTrends.

10 Bookshelf Speakers Under $500 that Worth to Buy

We have created a collection of 10 best bookshelf speakers under $500. They provide a lot of time of listening enjoyment and won’t waste a lot of money.

Klipsch RP-150M

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500The first pick in our list of the best bookshelf speakers under $500 is the Klipsch RP-150M. Klipsch is among the list of oldest speaker companies. The organization has been available since 1946 and takes confidence in its hands-on method of speaker producing. The awareness to detail and careful design is resembled in the Klipsch RP-150M.

These products are the ideal mixture of conventional style and modern model. They are available in walnut finish, and also 3 additional finishes: cherry, ebony, piano black. Every speaker is a two-way style with a straight line titanium tweeter and a ceramic spool woofer. Along with the company’s trademark, the tweeter is horn-loaded to provide the RP-150M its special Klipsch audio.

The audio eminating from the tweeters is in-depth, clear, and satisfying to the hearing. In general, the audio is perfect all the way through.

The RP-150Ms are mainly created for residential use. They perform excellent in multimedia rooms and home movie theaters. The grill is using magnet so you’re able to effortlessly take it off to show the attractive copper cone. And you ought to be sure to correctly put them inside the room for the greatest audio.

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Edifier S1000DB

Best bookshelf speakers under 1000The Edifier S1000DB is an exceptional bookself speaker as far as gaming configurations for PCs and consoles are involved. Even going to have a great movie adventure with exceptional audio, these speakers really are a great preference! When compared with some other of its variety, this device is aesthetically impressive. It also offers good attributes such as 4.0 aptX Bluetooth that enables for wireless transmitting of high-quality audio.

The apt-x empowered Bluetooth chipset offers its versatility of usage for games and movies and it also guarantees quality improvement. You may also have your loudspeaker link up to several resources, because of its optical/coaxial and AUX inputs.

Yet another lovely feature of this product is the Digital Sound Processing (DSP) solutions that provides a huge 120 watts RMS quality of audio. Additionally, it carries a 5.5-inch subwoofer. Edifier S1000DB likewise includes a handy remote power intended for volume control and transitioning input easily and at your hands.

In addition, product capabilities with an innovative aptX audio codec that retains your sound quality even after it enables so that it is compacted. So if you’re trying to find the ideal speakers for playing games, watching movies, consoles, and Computers, here it is. It includes a two-year warrantee.

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KEF Q100

Best bookshelf speakers audiophileKEF is also a popular company. This British corporation has long been making top-quality sound system since the early 1960’s. In their particular terms, the organization is enthusiastic about high quality. This attraction can be noticed in the KEF Q100.

These types of audio speakers are small in size. They are adequate enough to accommodate home movie theaters along with other multimedia configurations, yet sufficiently small to suit small places. The Q100s include KEF’s well-known Uni-Q driver – the tweeter installed in the center of the woofer assures sonic coherency and the most effective combination of low and high frequencies.

The Uni-Q driver cone is constructed of a magnesium or aluminum material. These drivers depend on KEF’s high-end audio speakers, so that you can anticipate lower distortion and wide-open audio coming from the KEF Q100.

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Polk Audio RTI A1

Best bookshelf speakers under 200The Polk Audio RTI A1 is certainly not lacking in quality and excellent performance. The producers are maintaining the most recent type, and that’s the reason why the RTI A series offer several improvements. It includes the Power Port Plush which can be a noticeable difference on the Polk’s trademarked Power Port systems. Polk Audio made a fantastic job on its cabinet style. It is constructed with high density MDF for RTI A1.

The covering of the cabinets is polished dark vinyl with cleaned lightweight aluminum baffles. The front side panel of this product includes two waveguides that contain the bigger drive in the centre. The cabinet and front side style provide the Polk Audio speaker a wonderful and engaging style.

Designed with solid wood, the Bookshelf Speaker incorporates a 5.25-inch cone driver which is made of mineral/polymer blended. Furthermore, it includes MDF structure while sporting resonance free enclosures. There is a a neodymium magnetic with a heat sink on its rear along with a lower viscosity ferrofluid cooling.

For lowering of “port noise” or “chuffing,” this amazing sound system features a Power Port Systems. And as We mentioned before, it is advisable since it is an improvement on the Polk’s trademarked Power Port systems. An additional attribute is that it features a 1-inch composite dome tweeter of silk/ polymer. This set of dark audio speakers delivers nothing below traditional functionality, you can rely on us with that.

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Micca PB42X

Best bookshelf speakers under 300Micca PB42X incorporates a silk dome tweeter and a carbon fibre woofer. Contrary to our earlier 2 selections which can be passive audio speakers that need a receiver, the PB42X’s are actually active bookshelf speakers along with amplifiers included.

The speaker covers are ported to give the bass impulses and reduce distortions. Voices provided by these audio speakers are crystal clear and highly accurate. The low distortion amp provides an even impulse for both options.

These speakers are a fantastic device and worth to purchase. The Micca PB42Xs are generally compact and light-weight. Their dimension, natural style, and quality of sound can be a great choice for the majority of home configurations. Because these are active audio speakers, it is possible to link up them to almost any device which has a headset audio out.

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Q Acoustics 3020

Best budget bookshelf speakersWhen you purchase the Q Acoustics 3020, you’ll experience low distortions and broad distribution out of your device. We consider these are perhaps the important features you look for in a Bookshelf speaker. Nevertheless, there’s a lot more to reap some benefits. Its drive component is big enough too, We are having 5 inches in this case, and the cone substance it is created from Aramid Fibre/Paper (completely new). What this bigger drive appears to provide is a great bass impulse and excellent degree of 3d audio.

The dimensions of this product is 10.23 H x 8.89 D x 6.69 W. Definitely, its style is proper for moderate size spaces. However, don’t let yourself be misled by its compactness, it generates highly accurate, clear, sensible and comprehensive as well as remarkable audio quality.

If you value your audio for delivering a perfect level, than this product is all you need. Inside is a bass cone having a bigger dimension which makes sure the output of an in-depth and extra robust audio. This Bookshelf Speakers will function effectively for bigger spaces. By it, you can listen rock, party or total orchestral songs. Have We stated that it really is extremely easy to use? If We did not, We now have.

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Polk Audio S20

Best bookshelf speaker under 300

Polk Audio is actually popular American enterprise which focuses on top-notch audio system. The Polk Audio S20s are considered one of their middle spectrum bookshelf speakers. These are created to satisfy your multimedia place or minimal home cinema.

The S20s include Polk power ports, polypropylene woofers, and terylene tweeters. The mixture of such elements provides them exclusive audio qualities. The high wavelengths are extremely clear, the bass sounds is punchy, and also the audio is precise with broad powerful spectrum.

These features provide the Polk S20s excellent acoustic harmony. You should not experience any concerns linking these speakers to your head unit. They can be relatively delicate at 88dB that enables them to operate perfectly despite having lesser strong amplifiers.

The style of the S20s is common and they’ve got a thin profile. The detachable grills are prepared for anti-diffraction not to impact the sound whenever you tune in while using grills on.

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Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver

Best bookshelf speaker under 200Do you need to get a Genuine audio adventure which you could experience the full enthusiasm of a performance? All that you should do is purchase the Sony SSCS5 Bookshelf Speaker, and you’ll take pleasure in remarkable audio superiority. The audio system makes certain there aren’t any disturbances in the original performance, as well as supplying you with experience the power in the most incredible way ever. This is a 3 way, which is 3 speaker bass-reflex platform, which means you are having quality at its maximum.

It provides a ¾ ” Excellent Tweeter for in-depth audio output, and in addition it includes a 1 ” polyester Primary Tweeter. An additional attribute of the audio system is 5.12 ” MRC woofer for powerful bass for top quality audio tunes. The unit carries a compact bookshelf model for smaller sized rooms. It can accommodate with limited places, however that doesn’t indicate it will not give you a remarkable sound quality. It won’t lose quality for space. The construction of the device is top-notch. The bass response duct reduces unnecessary sounds and boosts audio reproduction. It’s positioned at the rear of the speaker.

This fashionable unit has a good dark finish. Has wooden veneer to make sure no distortion in audio since it maintains its shape appropriately, as to what evert moisture or heat range, your audio quality won’t be reduced and sound quality won’t have any affect. The bases of this loudspeaker are reliable, with a ported enclosure to make sure lively and resounding acoustics. This loudspeaker will sure do an excellent task of eliminating unwanted sounds that could come from the baffle board. This noise reduction is extremely useful in making certain there exists a high-quality functionality of the device.

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Polk Audio TSi200

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 500This is a great performing, top quality Bookshelf Speaker from the TSi line. TSi200 is categorised as the finest of the TSi line. For anyone who is curious about “why”, it gives you extremely high-quality sound and if you look for quality, your search is over from this point. However, not only that. The TSi200 generates vibrant yet comfortable sounds which will make the audio of your video or songs deliver to a very satisfying level.

Well, that degree of enjoyment is achievable all because of the device’s dual 5.25 ” mid-bass, your audio adventure just became more desirable. The latest TSi Series is not only a device of high quality, but also a cost-effective one. The audio speakers are compatible with music and home cinema utilization. Let’s discuss the TSi200 design and style.

There’s an all through smoothness of wooden materials surface finish, with about three top plates which has a polished touch. The interface and the driver range mix nicely together with the cabinet. In our opinion, it is visually elegant enough to enhance the modern-day flat display products. You can select from 2 colours; The dark and the cherry wood. Stylish assemble as well as precious audio quality are what the loudspeaker provides.

It includes natural fiber cone woofers and powerful stability of dome tweeter of 1″ silk/polymer mix. The TSi200 also includes 1 rear-firing slot. Hence you can place it close to a CRT TV because it is not protected magnetically. It has a weight of a 17 punds whilst its dimension in ins is 11.8 x 8 x 15.4″.

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Best Bookshelf Speaker Under 500ELAC has experienced in industry even a lot longer than Klipsch, the corporation established in 1926. This German manufacturer has competently become one of the greatest hi-fi companies having more than 90 years of background. The B6.2 is regarded as their flagships in the fresh Debut series of loudspeakers.

These audio speakers are reasonably smaller and streamlined. They are available in dark ash finish with a straight forward dark grill, and so the audio speakers might simply merge with your multimedia configuration or home cinema. The components included in the B6.2 signify an improvement from the earlier models.

Furthermore, these speakers got plenty of important recognition because of their remarkable audio quality. The B6.2s accomplish their trademark sound from the exceptional mixture of acoustic components. The weaved woofers are smooth, created from aramid-fiber, and provide crisp bass that has a unique distortion-free strike. There exists a venting port below the woofer for longer low wavelengths.

The tweeters are smaller sized, however they include a waveguide that enables for broader distribution – the outcome is broader soundstage and far better imaging. For anyone who is ready to invest some more cash, however keep within the spending plan, think about having a subwoofer from the identical series to obtain a full-range speakers.

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Bose 301-V

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 500 2018The 301-V audio speakers from Bose are available in a handy horizontal design which works conveniently on any shelf. They’re offered in dark with contemporary design and woodgrain finish. The loudspeakers wear the standard two-way settings, with a lengthy excursion 8 inches woofer and a 1 inches tweeter.

These audio speakers are equally in the home independently or as an element of a bigger entertainment product. If you are planning to utilize them with your home entertainment system, they can be ideal for work with as left, center, and also right loudspeakers (you can purchase an individual 301-V for center). The 301-V can even be connected to one of Bose’s Lifestyle platforms.

The advised electrical power sources are 10 to 150 W. The receiver has the ability to generate 4O loads without having stability problems. These audio speakers provide an articulated mid-range and powerful bass, however, not so outstanding for higher frequencies.

The 301-V includes Direct/ Reflecting systems which integrates the immediate and reflected audio. In this manner, why the speakers deliver a results identical to the audio at a live performance. Additionally, they include automated protection circuitry that assure the drivers don’t become overdriven.


Our selection of the best bookshelf speakers under $500 should certainly offer you a more desirable idea in order to improve your multimedia system without having to spend too much cash.

Understand that the audio speakers are only a single aspect of the audio system. The sound place and placement can be another crucial aspect of the system. You can also make a set of speakers to sound day and night different by appropriately establishing them up in any room.


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