10 Best 3D Printing Pens 2017 – Price & Reviews

Techcommjournal – The 3D printing pen is no longer a new device. This latest hi-tech pen simply shows how advanced the technology is. Basically, it works like a 3D printer. In other words, it is like the handheld version of 3D printer. Therefore, it uses the same extruder and heating elements just like what you usually find on the desktop 3D printer. Here is the difference. It doesn’t use the motors and computer software to control the way the pen works. Instead, it is controlled by your own hand. Yes, it is the most impressive feature of this pen. Imagine you are in full control of the pen that can allow you to draw the vivid objects in the air.

Before you make the choice of which 3D printing pen you purchase, you have to understand the way this pen works. Similar to the 3D printing devices, this pen works through heating the plastic filaments. It will be heated to the melting point. As a result it will be forced non-stop until it comes through the extruder tip. If you know how the hot glue gun works, this pen basically works in similar way. Now that the melted plastic has become very soft, it can worked in various shapes you prefer to. But it will cool quickly once it leaves the tip. And, after a few seconds, it will harden and hold any shape that you have created.

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The Use of 3D Printing Pen

As a soon to be user, you have to know what you can do with this pen. Here is the basic. The pen allows you to draw with melted plastic. In other words, it doesn’t matter what kind of shape or draws you make, the melted plastic will also copy the shape. At first, using this pen can be a bit difficult. Perhaps, you will feel a bit awkward. However, with more practices, you will be able to draw the most sophisticated 3D objects in empty space. And, if you need to repair or modify your 3D printed objects, feel free to use this pen to help you fulfill your need.

When you are about to purchase the affordable 3D printing pen, make sure you know the different types of this pen. Although all the pens have similar look but they actually vary in terms of features. Consider these questions when shopping for the best pen.

  • What filaments can the pen use?

  • What accessories are available for the pen?

  • Are the speed settings and temperature adjustable?

Those are the 3 most crucial questions to answer. If you can find the pen that answers those questions with satisfying features, you have found the right choice.

In terms of types, there are currently 6 different types. They are the 3D Doodler, 3D Simo, 3D Air Pen, Yaya 3D pen, 3D printer pen and Creo Pop. Each type usually has certain most superior features. So, consider your need to be able to find out the right pen. To assist you finding the right pen, below is the reliable 3D printing pen review from 10 different pens for you to consider.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

Best 3d printing pen - MYNT3D ProfessionalDo you look for the best pen for prototyping, drafting and also three dimensional sculpting? This Professional Printing MYNT3D Pen, as the best 3D printing pen definitely makes an ideal choice. It uses the FDM technology that fulfills your professional need as an artist or engineer. This is the pen that can take any design projects you handle to greater heights. Once you get a hold of this pen, you can easily sketch and print your great three dimensional paintings. All your paintings will come with precision thanks to this crafted stylus.

Painting with this pen will also be much easier thanks to its adjustable feed that allows you to regulate both the flow and speed. This way, you will have optimal control of the material anytime you do the drawing. To provide you with optimal fine tuning, the pen comes with adjustable temperature in 1 degree increments. Anytime you want to achieve various effects, simply make use of the large OLED display to monitor the material’s temperature.

In the package, the kit includes ergonomic touch styles with ABS plastic filament plus in 3 colors. As for the charging, simply use the battery power banks to handle your projects.

3Doodler Create 3D Pen

Best 3d pen - 3Doodler Create 3D PenBeing the latest generation of the most favorite 3D printing pen in the world, the 3Doodler Create 3D pen undoubtedly is capable to deliver faster, smoother and more reliable 3D doodling. In fact, this pen is claimed to be able to capture the most amazing versatility of 3D printing device. It is the pen you can rely on to create perfect fine art, create decorative items and also scale models. Its design is slim, light yet strong. It is also easy to manage and has the much improved drive system to allow smoother and quieter operation.

Some of the latest features of this recently released pen are intuitive and simplified controls, and new ambient light bar. You can decide the way you draw whether you want to draw horizontally or vertically. All you have to do is to lift your imagination. With the heated plastics that harden instantly when used, this pen lets you draw on paper, in 3D or even freehand. The pen even has the colors to be easily and quickly changed.

It makes an ideal pen for professionals, artists, hobbyists and crafters. Once you make the purchase, you will get a box that is filled with power adapter, tools, quick start guide, 50 free plastic strands, and the 3D pen.

7TECH® 3D Printing Pen

Cheap 3d Pen - 7TECH® 3D Printing PenOnce you have tried using this pen, you will witness how this pen makes an ideal 3D printing pen. It never fails to bring any of your art ideas to reality. Thanks to its user friendly functions that even the beginners do not have difficulty to use this pen. The adjustable settings include easily control filament, temperature and extrusion speed. Compared to other heavy designed pen, it is much lighter as it only weighs 65 gram.

Here is the good news. This 3D printing pen is suitable for children as long as they are more than 8 years old. Of course, it also makes ideal choice for adults whether they are creative lovers, hobbyist or artists. With the advanced unclogging technology, it can be easily maintained as more jamming can be prevented. Amazingly, it is also able to be used to doodle in the air. Even if you are expecting to trace objects on the paper, feel free to do that.

Soyan 3D Printing Pen

Soyan 3D Printing Pen ReviewDo not just draw but improve and create innovation with the Soyan 3D printing pen as your professional assistance. This pen is easy to handle thanks to light and slim design. Controlling the extrusion speed will never be an issue so you can always have the endless creation and smoother operation. Specifically designed for both children and adults, this pen will definitely lift even your wildest imagination off the page. Children for particular will be assisted to improve the spatial thinking ability.

It doesn’t only let you to create projects but also solve the problems without having to worry about complicated design software. Anytime you feel for doodling inherently to create the most creative and artistic project, this pen will never let you down. Creating something beyond reality will not be an issue because this pen even lets you to create unique drawing like you do your own handwriting. It doesn’t only make amazing tool for learning but also teaching.

MorphPen Professional 3D Drawing Pen

Affordable 3d printing penThe MorphPen 3D printing pen makes another most recommended pen to user friendly and reliable features and system. It is your solution for amazing modeling and drawing experience. Its ergonomic design allows you to enjoy easy to-handle yet comfortable pen. So, drawing for hours will not be something that make you’re feeling bored and tired. This portable pen even makes it possible to easy charging using the Power Bank.

Just like other best selling 3D printing pen, this MorphPen allows you and other creative workers to control the speed fully. Controlling the filament flow is also very easy while you do your drawing. With its standby safety mode, the pen will automatically be turned off once it has been inactive for 5 minutes.

Are you curious to draw in the air? This pen will show you how to do it. Simply unleash your creativity and let it drives you to make the best 3D drawing.

Kuman 100B 3D Drawing Pen

Cheap 3d printing pen by kumanA few years ago, drawing in the air was merely a dream. But now with the Kuman 100B 3D Drawing pen, it has become a reality. This is a classic 3D pen that can create the most artistic drawing works including if it is used by children. It has the LCD screen show that displays the speed, filament and also temperature. Meanwhile, it makes it easier as well to control the reverse filament and extrusion speed. Thanks to its unclogging mechanism that can prevent jamming.

And if you love to create thick painting, this pen makes the ideal choices thanks to its palette knife painting and shovel spatulas. Once you do nothing with this pen for 5 minutes, the intelligent auto standby will be automatically one. Some other features include advanced thermal management, super silence design, slender pen, stepless sped change, and 160 to 230 degree for heating temperature. However, this pen is recommended for at least 8 years old children.

Manve Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

Top 3d Printing Pen 2017Do you care to draw the most interesting model in 3D? Choose this pen instead of others. It suitable for everyone at all ages from kids to adults. With its practical and simple design, this pen is undoubtedly lightweight and easy to handle. Everyone has different hand speed when it comes to drawing, so this pen features the adjustable and variable speed feature. This way, you can manage your three dimensional painting in ease.

Basically, the concept of how this pen works is quite simply. To be précised, it uses plastic instead of ink that will melt at high temperature. Then, it will be used to create the 3D object. That is how this pen works to let you create the most amazing 3D drawings. When you give this pen to your kids, the pen will help to improve their spatial thinking ability.

Yes, this is a super functional and advanced 3D pen. There will no longer be difficulty in terms of creating the masterpiece. It will be your best assistant in terms of creating the best vivid objects.

Suvenza Professional 3D Printing Pen Kit

3d printer pictureAnother best selling 3D pen is the SUNVEZA 3D printing pen that is used to create any models including figures, household items and many more. It is the pen that can suit various customers. For instance, it fits housewives that create accessories and home decorations, architectures that sketch the 3D models and businessmen that create prototypes or models of their products. In other words, it accommodates various needs from various customers. And you know what, this pen also makes ideal 3D pen for kids.

The difference between the 3D pen and 3D printer is on the software. This pen doesn’t require expensive software because the pen can already run by itself. This will save you at least 1.200$ which is a huge saving. Now that you have more economical solution to 3D need, you are also given with practical pen’s shape and structure. As for the filaments, it has 4 colors filaments to let you draw in various colors. Each filament performs great without any jamming so you can continuously draw without having issues.

Titanium Micro RP600A – Intelligent 3D Pen

best 3d printing penIf you look for intelligent 3D pen with the best and most advanced technology, the Dynamic Micro Titanium pen can be your first choice to consider. This is a pen with slim, light and also manageable to use. It is the tool that makes any creative ideas of yours to come to live. And yes, it allows you to dry in the air. Like other best selling 3D pens, it is suitable for both children and adults. It lets them creating the most amazing vivid objects based on their imaginations.

Once you give it to your kids, it builds new way of bonding with your kids. At the same time, it also enhances and improves their thinking ability, creative imaginations and their productivity. As it comes with toy safety standards, there should be nothing to worry. Inside the box, there are some items including plastic screw driver, user’s manual, 3x random color filament, 1 power adapter, 1 item of 3D pen and 1 USB cable. However, the standard power bank isn’t included.

SHONCO 3D Printing Pen

With real time LED display, the SHONCO 3D printing pen makes a wonderful choice. It is a pen specifically designed for designers, students, amateurs, kids and painting lovers. It can even be called as magic pen as it can bring the most fantastic imaginations and into amazing vivid objects or known as the reality. When your kids have this pen as their gift, surely they will love it. They will not bored creating the most creative 3D objects in the air. It’s like a superb toy for them. Instead of giving them game console, this 3D pen certainly makes excellent and smart toy.

This is a pen that comes with a variety of advanced features. For instance, it has the conveniently temperature control that can be adjusted according to your need. And, it also comes with cooling windows design and adjustable filament to set the preferred speed. Basically, the SHONCO 3D printing pen makes a great choice with optimal performance and easy usage. In fact, if you make the purchase, you will also get 3 pack of bonus printing materials.


With a growing list of advanced features, the 3D printing pen never fails to make the best drawing pen. It is not usual pen that tends to be boring after a few times of uses. Instead, it is superb drawing pen that lets you to draw on any media including in the air. Yes, it may sound weird and beyond your thought. But, once you get a hand on this pen, you will certainly have your attention fully attracted to this pen.

Among the 10 best 3D printing pen reviewed above, there are certainly several pens that get your attention. That’s because the pen is simply an amazing high tech device. Despite of having a small, slim and lightweight design, this pen always has its way to amaze and create the most amazing vivid objects.

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