10 Best Quadcopters with Camera 2017 – RC Drone with Camera

Best Quadcopters with Camera - rc droneTechcommjournal.org – Technology surely can bring people further. We can make sure that camera becomes the crucial technology which can help people to capture various moments not only in picture form but also video form. The camera technology surely is developed much further because nowadays people can find many options of camera product. They can enjoy the different advantages of digital and analog camera. The pocket camera and DSLR camera can be chosen according to their preference. Of course people cannot forget about the mirror less camera which allows people to get easiness for capturing pictures with much better result.

Now, it is the time for the drone which is completed with the camera for taking the aerial videos or pictures. There is no question that this camera technology is getting more and more popular because people are able to capture the pictures and videos from different angle. Previously, taking the pictures and videos from above the air will be very expensive and difficult but it becomes easier with the support from drone with camera.

Technology of drone is improved as well. There was a time when people can find the drone and camera which is sold separately. Nowadays, people can get the offer of drone which is completed with the camera. the camera capability offered is enhanced according to the enhancing need of people for getting much better result of aerial video recording and image capturing. The drone model is varied as well but if people are looking for the best quadcopter with camera, here are ten best options which can be found.

10 Best RC Drones With Camera

DJI Phantom P3 with 2.7K HD Video Camera

Best RC Drones With CameraDJI has huge name in the drone industry and people of course expect a lot from DJI Phamtom P3 with 2.7 HD video camera. The troubleshooting can be done with user manual as well as videos on the page. The live image can be viewed right away because it is streamed from the drone. They just need to use the free app of DJI Go on the tablet or mobile phone. It comes with flight features which are assisted with GPS so user can focus on the way for getting the best image while the drone can be flight safely. There are some modes available including Waypoints, Follow Me, and Point of Interest which can be used for getting advanced perspective of the camera.

The product includes intelligent battery which can support the flight for up to 25 minutes. Besides the included battery, there are also charger, radio controller, two propellers full sets, as well as micro SD card with 8GB capacity. This rc drone with camera can be used for taking 2.7K HD videos which are stunning. The photos can be taken with 12MP resolution of aerial camera which is integrated. To get the best result with the quadcopter with cameras by DJI, people should update the remote control first before they can use it.

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DJI Mavic Pro

Best Quadcopters with CameraThe next best quadcopter with camera still comes from DJI. DJI Mavic Pro can provide people with great performance for sure. Let’s check the items included in the package. Buyers can get the original package of Mavic Pro along with two extra batteries, two extra propellers, two hubs for charging, a charger for car, a battery for the power bank adaptor, as well as the shoulder bag. It is great that this drone can be folded down to very small size about a water bottle size. That is why it is small enough to be brought anywhere. 7 kilometers transmission range can be offered with the new transmission system by OcuSync.

The drone has ability for flying at up to 64kmh for about 27 minutes. Smooth footage will be ensured with the true 4K video which is fully stabilized. It also comes with some smart features including Tap Fly and Active Track so people can create the video which looks professional without any hard effort. The safety and also reliability of flight will be increased with the support from Obstacle Avoidance feature along with sensor redundancy. The feature for positioning the vision is combined with GLONASS and also GPS for ensuring the precision of position either indoors or outdoors. The flight can get easier when people fly it by Phone with Wi-Fi network support.

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DJI Phantom 3 with 4K HD Video Camera

quadcopter with cameraDJI surely can offer people with some great drone and camera products. DJI Phantom 3 with 4K HD Video Camera becomes another best quadcopter camera drone which people can consider. In the package, people can get the professional quadcopter body of DJI Phantom 3. The next thing which can be found is three-axis gimbal along with the gimbal clamp. Since the rc drone comes with 4K camera, it means that people can really get the video with high quality taken with the camera from the drone. Remote controller of course is included in the package. Four propellers and its spare parts are offered as well.

People must not forget about the battery for intelligent flight, charger for the battery, and also power cable can be found. Safety guidelines for Phantom 3 Professional and for the intelligent flight battery are provided as well. Four times vibration absorber, microSD card with 16GB capacity, cable for micro USB, bundle, and extra flight battery for this drone model is offered. People will also get backpack with hard shell design for keeping the drone safe and secure.

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Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone

rc drones with cameraLet’s move on from the drone by DJI. Parrot Bebop Quadcopter drone is also the best quadcopter with camera which people can choose. People can get the product with certified refurbished. It means that the manufacturer does the test as well as certification so it has the look as well as ability just like the new product. They will not find the sign of wear unless limited one. The test and inspection can also be done by the third party refurbisher. With this drone, people can enjoy the best world exploration since the drone is completed with camera which has 14MP resolution and full DP 1080 pixels capacity. Any vista can be captured by this unit since it is supported with 180 degrees field of view by Bebop.

Advanced image stabilization with 3-axis allows users for taking clear photos and also videos. The app of Free Flight 3 can help users for controlling the experience. The app can be used on the mobile device based on Android, iOS, and also Windows 8.1. In the package, people can get Bebop drone, two batteries, and charger for the batteries, cable for micro USB, two hulls, four replacements for the propellers, and Quick Start Guide.

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Autel Robotics X-Star

mini drones with camerasFinding the best mini drones with cameras can be challenging because drone is getting more and more familiar among people all around the world. However, we can make sure that Autel Robotics X-Star is the great option which can be taken. The features of the product will show people about this after all. The unit comes with video camera which has 4K Ultra HD capability. It is combined with gimbal stabilizer which has 3-axis and quick release feature.

People can experience the HD Live View although the drone is 1.2 miles away from the controller. Autonomous flight mode can also be experienced. To enjoy those experiences, they need Starlink app on their Android or iOS based mobile device which can be downloaded for free. Dual outdoor navigation is supported with GPS and GLONASS. There is also magnetic interference protection feature by SecureFlyTM as well as Starpoint Positioning SystemTM which can ensure the safety of flight for the drone. LCD display can be found on the intuitive remote controller completed with buttons for one touch action. Some accessories are included in the package including intelligent battery, micro SD card with 64GB capacity, and also hard case with premium quality.

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UDI U28-1 FPV Drone

mini drone cameraUDI U28-1 FPV should also be considered if people are looking for the best quadcopter with camera. There are some great features which can be found from the unit. One thing for sure, this rc drone with camera will be perfect choice for the beginners. It is super easy for controlling the drone which comes along with the camera. The HD camera can be stabilized since it comes with altitude hold so the video and pictures which are clearer can be taken. When using this drone, there is no need to do FAA registration. It is drone with FPV feature so the live video flight feed can be streamed right away to the built-in LCD which is convenient on the controller.

Aerial shots which are incredible can be taken by the camera in HD form. The drone comes with 720 pixels HD camera combined with wide angle lens. It is also get micro SD card upgrade with 4GB capacity. That is why photography enthusiast will find this unit as ideal choice for their activity. It also comes with headless mode so remote control adjustment is not needed before using it. The package comes with extra battery which can help people double the time of the flight.

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DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter with 4K Camera

Best RC Drones With CameraDJI still offers people with more offers of the best quadcopter with camera for sale like DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter with 4K Camera. In the package, people can get the drone as well as the intelligent flight battery. It is great that the package also includes the hard shell custom case which is made from aluminum. The drone has ability for avoiding the obstacles automatically. It is also supported with ActiveTrack featurs which is useful for tracking the moving subject automatically. The unit will fly with just a single finger tap since it has TapFly feature. It is able to return home and avoiding the obstacles easily since it is supported with Smart Return Home feature.

The maximum flight time of this drone is 28 minutes. It can be controlled at maximum five kilometers’ range. It can fly with 75kmh maximum speed. It comes with smoother footage as well as better stability of the camera because it has integrated gimbal. The altitude can be raised up to ten meters because of Optimized Vision Positioning System.

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DJI Inspire 1 Pro

DJI Inspire 1 ProStill from DJI, people have to admit that DJI Inspire 1 Pro is included in the list of best quadcopter with camera. It is interesting that the shell of the drone as well as the remote controller can transform into black color. It is also supported not only with the new propeller but also new installation kits. That is why the drone will be able to offer the locking mechanism which is smoother and much more reliable.

The performance of the new motor got improved so the users are able to experience the sense of control which is greater. The drone unit is also supported with the aerial system which is ready to fly so users will find great easiness for flying as well as controlling the drone. 4K camera attached to the drone so people will be able to take high quality video and capture great pictures. People must not forget about 3-axis gimbal for stabilization.

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Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2If people are looking for the best mini drone camera, Parrot Bebop 2 must be one great option which people can take for their aerial video and picture shot. The unit is enhanced with the fish eye lens which has 14MP resolution. This camera is able to offer video recording with 1080 pixels capacity as well as image shot with great result. Another great thing which can be offered by this drone unit is that it can fly for about 25 minutes. This ability is powered by the 2700mAh which is pretty powerful. The motor which is powerful as well can be found in the unit so it is able to fly in the altitudes which are better.

Better visibility of course becomes another great aspect offered by this drone since it is supported with powerful flash LED on the rear side. The great visibility can be found not only under the bright light but also in the dark. However, if people want to use this drone and fly it, they have to register it with FAA. There is no need to worry because the registration instruction can be found in the FAA website.

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Hubsan X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera

Hubsan X4 QuadcopterLast but not least, the best quadcopter with camera which can be considered is Hubsan X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera. It is better to find out further about the features offered by this drone. The very first important thing which must be considered is the control distance which is between 50 and 100 meters. If people want to enjoy the live video, the distance which can be afforded is about 100 meters. This drone comes with the latest technology of 6-axis system for flight control. It is combined with the gyro sensitivity which can be adjusted.

The airframe is very lightweight and more importantly, it has great durability. They can watch the instant preview of the video on the transmitter. Battery surely becomes very crucial element for the drone and it is supported by 380mAh li-po battery with 3.7V completed with auto cut off safety PCB. If people are looking for the troubleshooting solution, they should check page 23 of the user manual. FPV flight which is immersive surely will be another great performance which makes this drone can beat other drone products which are offered widely nowadays.

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Final Verdict

It is a brief fact that the drone technology cannot be separated from modern people. It is used not only for personal purpose but also for commercial purpose. Of course, the drone can be a great investment so choosing the best one will be necessary.

There are some aspects which people have to consider when they are choosing the drone including quadcopter with camera. It is quadcopter type so people have to make sure that it comes with high quality body as well as propellers. It must be so much better if the unit is also supported with the extra propellers such as DJI Mavic Pro because it can be the riskiest part of the drone. The spare part of the propellers will also be other great features which people can consider when they are looking for the rc drones with camera.

They must not forget about the battery aspect as well because better battery capacity will affect how long the drone can flight. UDI U28-1 FPV for example comes with the battery which can support the flight for 28 minutes. Spare battery availability will help people to double flight time of the drone. The camera will also be important element. All of the camera offered by these drones are able to record 4K video which can ensure the high quality of view.

For some people, the easiness for carrying the drone unit around will be important for supporting their mobility. In this circumstance, they can make the DJI Mavic Pro as their companion because the drone is foldable into very small size.

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