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2017 best over earh head phones under 100

Noise is a common problem whether you are traveling, working, and even gaming. One way to keep this problem away is by using headphone. There are hundreds of headphones available in the market and it is a must to choose the best one. The list of best over ear headphones under 100 below can help you to choose the best one based on your need. They are considered as the best headphones because they meet what modern people needs. For example, those headphones are wireless so it is flexible and comfortable to use. Moreover, they are supported by the latest technology and features and it makes those headphones more than just an ordinary headphone.

The material used by the best headphones under 100 here is also high quality material so it makes them durable and comfortable. It doesn’t hurt your ear and you can really reduce the noise level which disturbs you a lot. The interesting part, they are sold in affordable price in which under $100 along with such kind of sophisticated technology and stylish design. In the end, you can really focus on what you do such as exploring the beauty of scenery around you, finishing your jobs, and enjoying your favorite game maximally along with clear sound.

You don’t need to get confused because this information gives you not only one but 10 best over ear headphones under 100. Just read the detail and choose your favorite one. Your best headphone has to be supporting your daily activity as well as solving your noisy problem. It will be complete if your new headphone can support your hobby to hear your favorite music easily without any complicated additional device. All of the headphones are coming from reputable brand so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product. Let’s start to explore those headphones one by one and get your new headphone right away.

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The 10 Best Over Ear Headphones for Under $100

Cowin E-7 Wireless Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones

Best Over Ear Headphones Under 100If you want to wear an ear fit headphone, you can just go with Cowin E-7. It is considered as one of the best over ear headphones. Of course it is not only about its ear fit design but it is also about the technology and features installed there. Cowin E-7 is really a headphone to solve your noise problem. Thanks to Active Noise Cancelling technology and you can reduce the noise as easy as flipping the switch. It makes your ear comfort although you have to wear the headphone all day long. The high quality ear pad not only protects your ear but also make it comfort. The wireless technology allows you to use this headphone in flexible way.

The features support you to use this headphone comfortably. Let say, you can easily talking to your friends up to manage your favorite playlist. It is because the use of on board microphone pulse. Definitely, you can also control the volume just like what you want for your comfortableness. Interestingly, Cowin E-7 is also supported by Bluetooth and because of this feature you can enjoy your favorite music without any kind of additional devices. Running out of battery doesn’t mean you lose your happiness. There is still long audio cable to continue your activity. The black color is elegant and supporting the style of the headphone. The most important thing is that the price is under $100!

Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones

best headphones under 100Sennheiser HD 202 is considered as one of the best headphones under 100 because of its features and function. This headphone is designed special for professional users. It is strongly related to the clear and deep bass response. This is also the reason why some of professional DJ’s and people work with audio love to wear this headphone.

To keep the comfort of the users, the earphone of Sennheiser HD 202 is also designed with ear fit. It is supported with cable but you don’t need to worry because the cable is long enough. Moreover, the cable is thin so it doesn’t disturb your performance at all. You can still able to jump or dance just like what you want and your movement don’t reduce the performance of the headphone at all.

This headphone is also a lightweight product so you are not tired or having any kind of problem although you have to wear the headphone for a few hours. The detail such as diaphragm material and neodymium magnet works well especially for low bass as well as producing high level of sound. Now, you know why professional users love to bring Sennheiser HD 202 to support their performance, right?

Avantree Super Comfortable Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

best over ear headphonesAvantree is an option for those who want to wear a complete headphone. Just imagine, you are about to wear a headphone with specific feature which can produce high resolution audio. The manufacturer doesn’t only care about the high quality sound but also about your comfort. It can be seen from the use of material such as super soft pad and headband which can easy to adjust. They care about your comfort through the longer battery life. You can use this headphone for any kind of activities including listening to your favorite music up to 40 hours. Interestingly, this headphone can be used both, wireless or wired especially if you are running out of battery.

Avantree is not only good for listening to music. With its features, you are able to connect it with mobile phone. It is not only one but two phones and simultaneously. It is very useful especially if you are waiting a call from your friends or colleagues. You don’t need to do any complication action because you just need to do a tap and this headphone is connected to your mobile devices. This is the reason why people buy more than one Avantree headphone because they put it for television set or gaming set and one more is for mobile uses.

HIFI ELITE Super66 by Modern Portable

best headphonesIf you think that black headphone is monotonous, you can take HIFI ELITE Super66 as one of best over headphones under 100. The color is brighter just like the color of stainless steel. Of course, it is not only the color which makes this headphone interesting to use. This is also about its superb ability. Distortion is a common audio problem and it can be reduced by using HIFI ELITE Super66 even if you are using the highest volume level.

This headphone is the best option for those who need a multifunction headphone. You are able to use it for listening to your favorite music, watching movies, playing games in any kind of media including smartphones and tablets. The most interesting part is that, if you are comparing HIFI ELITE Super66 and a $300 headphone you will be surprise because HIFI is better. Remember, HIFI is offered less than $100. It can be concluded that this headphone is not only a durable product but it is also a product which knows what you need. The design and features are meeting the needs of modern users.  It is wireless, stylish, easy to use, and can be used for any kind of activities related to audio system.

BÖHM Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

best over ear bluetooth headphones under 100Wireless headphone seems to be the solution for modern users and BOHM is one of them. As a wireless headphone, this product is ready with supportive features. Those are including Bluetooth which can used to stream your favorite music. Because of this feature, you can also enjoy the music from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. How about the noise problem? You don’t need to ask anymore because this product can solve it with Active Noise Cancellation feature. To meet your need for longer usage time, BOHM has long battery life. You can use this headphone up to 18 hours and you just need to recharge up to 3 hours only.

There is no different on the quality of the sound whether you use it for listening to the music or answering call. The sound is clean, clear and it is stereo quality. The technology is also compatible with Apple and Android devices. The best part is that you can use this headphone up to 10 meter and again it doesn’t disturb the performance of the features or system. BOHM is offered in two different colors which are the combination between black and silver and brown, tan, and gold. It is perfect for casual such as for running, gaming or any kind of outdoor activity.

Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones

best headphones under 150All of headphone users agree that they need to hear high quality sound from the headphone. This is the reason why Sony MDRV6 is included on the list of the best headphone under 100. Sony is trying to serve the users with high quality sound from the headphone. Thanks to the neodymium magnet and drivers which produce powerful and clean sound. Just like the previous reference above, this product is also ear fit headphone to provide comfort. Because of the ear fit earphone design, you don’t have to worry with the noise problem around you. The comfort is also achieved because of its aluminum voice coil wire. Because of this material, the wire is flexible. It doesn’t disturb your movement and at the same time your movement doesn’t disturb the performance of the cable or the headphone.

The headphone is also designed lightweight along with specific padded headband. Sometimes, people are having problem with the pressure after a few hours and it makes them uncomfortable. You don’t need to feel such kind of experience if you take Sony MDRV6 along with you. Sony really cares about the design and because of the design you can easily keep the headphone safe and it doesn’t need large space. At the same time, this headphone is easy to bring anywhere you want.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B Headphones

Cancelling Noise Headphones Under 100For professional who work with audio system, noise is a serious problem. It seems that the noise disturb their focus. If you have the same intention, you can just wear Audio-Technica along with you. With the technology installed, this headphone can reduce the noise from the surrounding up to 90%. While reducing the noise, this product is working to produce high quality sound. The high quality sound is produced by the help of neodymium magnet system.

Modern people love to bring something compact and easy to use. The manufacturer realizes about it and because of that, Audio-Technica is designed with compact and easy to use design even if you are a beginner user. It is easy to bring anywhere so it is a perfect option for travelers. This product is also easy to be connected to electronic devices so it is a great option for gamers and movie lovers.

The best thing, there is no complicated instruction or module to do it. To accommodate mobile users, this product can be packed in a carrying case and it doesn’t make your bag full. Even, you can bring it with your hand because the case is handy. So, if you really need bring a headphone anywhere and anytime you want, Audio-Technica is the answer.

AKG K 240 Studio Headphones

To be a professional, you also need to wear a professional headphone. For those who need a headphone for professional along with compact design you can just take AKG K 240 in the list of best headphones under 100. Actually, this is the remodel of the classic design. The old headphone is coming back with new features and system which meet the needs of professional users. For example, AKG K 240 is supported by semi open K 240 studio feature. This feature provides you with high quality of sound even you are playing acoustic music.

The system improves the performance into a sensitive along with dynamic wider range headphone. The manufacturer also improves the durability of their product. Because of that, AKG K 240 is offered along with better material for durable and comfortable product to wear. The performance can’t be separated with the additional item such as its cable. With cable connector, you can easily remove this headphone from one to the other devices. This is also good for you who want to use this headphone for portable audio. As the result, you can hear high quality of sound for professional and perfect result. The most important thing, you are also comfortable to wear it for long time.

AUSDOM On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Semi-Open Studio Over Ear HeadphonesIf you really care about the style of the headphone you want to use, it is good to take AUSDOM. The black and red colors combination is cool and eye catching. To support the eye catching design, AUSDOM is using high quality leather such as on its paddle. This leather paddle creates soft and comfort place for your ear. It is not only perfect for formal but also for casual activity such as traveling or gaming. Just like any other best headphones, it has to produce high quality of sound. AUSDOM provides you with such kind of quality along with the use of its latest technology. Just imagine that you are about to hear crystal sound quality. This is also because the support of dynamic drivers. It is a wireless headphone and connection is very important.

To satisfy its users, AUSDOM is using Bluetooth and by using this feature, you can still enjoy high quality sound without any problem from additional item such as the cable of the headphone. It is the same case if you have to receive calls from your friend. The sound is clean and clear so you will get the complete message. You can also talk or reply your friend clearly along with built-in microphone. Interestingly, the manufacturer is ready with cable so you can also use it as a wired headphone and it helps a lot when you are running out of battery.

LilGadgets Connect+ Headphones

Best kids headphoneModern users really care about the design of the headphone. Luckily, LilGadgets know about what you need. It seems that this product is designed for those who love to wear something cute and extra ordinary. In fact, you can wear a blue, green, pink or purple headphone. Of course, they also have a black headphone to choose. Don’t underestimate the cute design because it still good in its performance. Let say, you don’t need to split to connect into different devices because of Share Port feature. The cable is long enough so you can enjoy your favorite music while moving to take drinks, snacks or books.

Due to the design, this headphone is great for children but also okay for adult. Don’t worry with the volume of the sound because you can control the volume easier. As the result, you can let your children listening to their favorite music or videos without any side effects to their ear. The paddle is also comfortable so it doesn’t matter to wear this headphone for a few hours. It doesn’t make your ear hot and it reduces the pressure on your head. It is really a worth to include LilGadgets to the list of best over ear headphones under 100.


From the explanation above, we can conclude that the best headphone is complex. It has to be used more than just an ordinary headphone especially in this modern era. It can be seen from the best over ear headphones under 100 above. All of them are a multi function headphone which can be used to enjoy music, games, or movies. The most important thing, they are made of high quality material to achieve super comfort headphone.

To make it perfect, those headphones has to be supported by the latest technology and features. Even, you have to be glad that you are finally found affordable headphone along with high quality of performance. Probably you think that it is impossible to find but the list of best headphones under 100 above talk a lot to you. Those headphones can be used for casual or professional and even for children. What you need to note is that you should buy the best headphone based on what you need.

By taking the best one based on your need, you can really feel the benefits of the features and systems maximally. So, which one of the best over ear headphones under 100 you want to buy from the list above?

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