10 Best Label Printers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

www.techcommjournal.org – Having best label printer for your business is definitely essential these days. With very harsh competition in today’s business world, you need to find the most effective way to make every aspect in your company work well, including the inventory part as well as product that you sell for your customer. You need to do this in order to be able to compete with other business. The most important thing that you need to understand when you want to have ability to compete is the speed in your company production system. This is where technology came as your savior. And, label printer is the technology that you will need these days. Label printer is the tool that can help you to increase your business affectivity. You can easily print label for product that you sell. And, on that label, you can add lot of information, from price, product information to bar code to make your customer easily pay for it. Why can we just use standard printer? It’s too big and not effective. Plus, you need more time to cut your printing result in label size. Label printer do all of those process in one go. So, it’s much easier.

Unfortunately, there are many different types of label printer you can found on the market. Choosing the best one would be quite troublesome, because you need to choose it by considering many factors. It’s not only the price. Of course, to save more money and budget for it, you can choose the most affordable printer. But, if you only use the price, you won’t get printer with capability that you need. You need printer that can save your time and production cost. Because you will use this printer to increase your business effectiveness, you also need to choose product that can work really well with your business system. This is important, because, if you choose wrong product, it won’t only waste too much money. Your production system will be disturbed, and it can cause great lost on your business profit. More than that, product with rich feature is also good choice, because it will help you to create any label that you like and use it for many different occasions. Plus, it must be work really fast, so you can save more time. And, we understand what your problem here. We have solution that you can use here, which is the review and guide to buy the best label printer you can find. Here we provide 10 best products that you can choose for your label printing needs.

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DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer

Best Label PrintersThis product is one of the best, because it has all features that you need. First, it has compact size, which means you can place it anywhere easily, plus you can carry it around. This compact size also means you can save more space on your working place. However, even it has compact size, it can print normal size label, which are 4.16 inch standard label or 4.1” x 6.275” label for many purposes, such as barcode, ID, warehouse and more.

You also have more freedom to add any layout and design for your label. This printer can be used for 60 more layout and design available. For the printing speed, this product is also quite fast. It can print 53 standard 4-line labels per minutes. Or, you can even print 129 labels with high-capacity 4-line addresses per minutes. The printing quality is also good with its ability to print 300 dpi resolutions. The printing quality is important here, especially if you want to make barcode label. Barcode must be readable. The best of all, this best handheld label printer use thermal printing technology, so it saves more money and of course, you also can increase your effectiveness.

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Thermal Label Printer

Best label printers 2017The shape and design is quite simple. But, that’s not only the good thing you can find on this product. DYMO also add many great features for this product. For example, it can print up to 71 labels with different type, such as address, shipping, Barcode and many more per minutes. So, from the speed aspect, we can say it has good quality. This printer also comes with DYMO Stamps software that you can use to give your label USPS-approved stamp for your label. And, because you get it within the product, you don’t need to pay for extra fees or contract for it.

The other good thing is the thermal printing technology. That means you don’t need to use any expensive ink or toner to print your label. You can save more money. DYMO also make it easier for you. You can connect this printer to your PC or Mac. That way, you can print the label that you have designed before directly. And, you need to use at lease Windows 7 or later, and for Mac, you must use at least MacOS 10.9.

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Thermal Label Printer

Thermal Label PrinterLike its name, this printer use thermal printing technology. And like mentioned before, this technology allows you to save more money. But, that’s not all. DYMO also create this printer in order to give you the time saver label printing process. They made everything easier. For example, you don’t need to use many process to print the design of labels that you want. You can do it by connecting this printer onto your PC or Mac, and print it directly from the design software that you use on those two platforms. For example, you can print it directly from Microsoft Word, Outlook Contacts, Mac Address Book and many more. The printing system also allows you to print labels in high quantities without having problem and hassle. And, this product isn’t only about quantity. The quality of the label that you printed out of this printer is also really great. With 600 x 300 dpi resolution, your label will looks great and easy to read. Therefore, we consider it as one of best label printer for small business.

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Brother QL-700 Professional Label Printer

Professional Label PrinterThe first impression that we got from this best label printer is this printer can print really fast. You can get 93 labels with high quality per minutes. More than that, you also can print long continuous label, even reach 3 ft long. If that’s not enough, this printer also capable in printing label for many different purposes, such as for packages, banners, disc, envelopes and many more. If we have to call this printer, we will call it as multipurpose label printer.

The other good thing is you can directly print any label from your desk. Its size fit with your desk. So, put it right there, insert the paper roll and print any label that you want. more than that, you can easily set the layout, design and text, then you can print it just like that. The other good thing is its simplicity. You won’t have any problem to install new paper inside it. It uses drop-in rolls system. Plus, you also don’t need ink or toner, which means it cost-friendlier. The last but not least, it has auto cutter. This will make you easier to make label in any size.

Brother PC Connectable Label Maker

This product can be considered as one of best desktop label printer products you can find on the market. The reason is you can use it for many different needs. But, mostly, it’s great choice for creating label for your company asset, such as IT equipment, electrical devices and many more. However, you also can use it for paperwork, labels for files, storage and many other standard labels type.

Because this product is desktop label printer, it compatible with latest Windows OS you can get today. But, you can still use it at least on Windows Vista. This product also is equipped with USB 2.0 (Mini-B type connector) to connect it to your desktop. Yes, it’s not USB 3.0 that’s much faster. But, we think this type is quite satisfying enough. Plus, you also has more freedom to adjust the setting of the labels that you have, for example, the length (25 mm – 1000 mm) and width (3.4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 mm).

Brother High-Speed Label Printer

Brother High-SpeedIf you need best label printer that can print really fast, this product is one of best choice you can choose. It can give you 93 labels printed perfectly in one minutes. With that speed, it will increase your effectiveness when you want to labeling your product or assets. The other good thing about this product isn’t only the speed. The wireless technology in it also makes it easier to use and for printing. Basically, with this no cord technology, you can print it from anywhere.

This printer also has ability to create label for many different purposes, such as envelopes, banners, packages and more. Plus, the printing method uses the most cost-effective technology that will give you great relief in printing cost. More than that, you also get Brother iPrint&Lable application. With this app, you can easily print any label that you want with any design that you choose. And, this app is also free.

Brother PTD600VP PC Connectible Label Maker

This is one of the best label printer 2016 you can find. And, we thought, it still can be considered as the best choice for label printer with best quality for this year. The main reason is the easy to use feature. First, the design is very compact, which means you can place it anywhere. But, even though it has compact size, it has large keyboard for easier operation and navigation.

This printer also can be used to print full color label. It equipped with LCD monitor that make you easier to adjust the function. More than that, the large keyboard also makes you easier to type any text that you want print on your label. Or, if you want more convenient way, you can connect it to PC or Mac and use it from there. In the box, you also get USB cable that you can use for this purpose. Overall, this product is great choice for you who want easiest way to print label.

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Brother QL-720NW Label Printer

Brother Label PrinterFirst of all, this is the best printer with best connectivity feature. In this printer, you will find Ethernet and Wireless interfaces, which make it easier to connect to any device that you use to design your label. More than that, it has advanced printing technology, through its serial interface. This technology allows you to print label, download its template and use it for other device, such as scanner.

It’s not only the most advance, from our point of view. This printer is also one of the fast label printers you can found. It can print 93 labels per minute. More than that, the printing quality is quite high (300 x 600 dpi resolution). With this printing result quality, you can create label with detail and clear image and text. This is useful for you who want to use barcodes for your label. Then, there is also automatic cutter for much easier to create any size label. The shape of label also can be adjusted. You can even create label with round edge, which open more possibility to any design that you like.With all those features, we considered it as best label printer 2017 you can try.

Zebra Technologies GC420-200510-000 Printer

Unlike other best label printer that we mentioned before that can print colored label, this one doesn’t has ability to do that. Yes, this is monochrome label printer. However, even though it has only limited color, you can’t look it down.  First, this printer can print at high speed, which is 4 inch per seconds. That means, this printer can be said as fast as other advance printer that we mentioned before. Plus, the printing quality is also quite high. For black color label, it can produce 203 dpi resolution printing quality. Considered as the monochrome label printer, this resolution can be categorized as special. There is not much monochrome printer that can produce this kind of printing quality.

This printer also has same ability with other printer in this list in its label’s variety. Basically, you also can use this printer for creating label for different purpose, such as tags, labels for product and other media. It doesn’t use thermal technology, but reflective technology. Yes, if you compare both technologies, the thermal technology is much budge saver. However, because this printer uses only black or monochrome color, the cost is also about the same.

ROLLO Thermal Label Heavy-Duty Printer

best label printers ROLLO ThermalThe thermal word on this product name is also one of the reasons why we put it in the best label printer list. The thermal technology that it used makes it easy to print any label and save more money. You can use this printer with Thermal Direct Label, such as UPS labels and many more. This way, you don’t need to pay for extra fee for giving your label these stamps. And, it’s not only UPS. This printer is also compatible with many other shipping platforms, such as ShipStations, FedEx, USPS and many more. Plus, you can use it for Etsy, eBay, Amazon and more for market shipping.

The printing speed is also quite satisfying, with its 150 mm per seconds printing speed. Once more, the Thermal Direct technology is the reason why it can print this fast. And this technology also make this printer doesn’t need toner or ink, which means more money to save.

The flaw maybe is its compatibility. You can only use it on Windows Platform. But, for Mac user, you don’t need to worry. On February, there will be update that you can use to make it usable for Mac.


Basically, the most important thing that you need to find when you want to buy and use best label printer, is the speed, the printing technology and printing quality. 10 products that we mentioned above have all of them. All of them are the fastest printer product you can find on the market. More than that, the technology they used is the latest that also affect the speed and printing quality. For that reason, the quality of your label you make using those printers will be very high. That’s suitable for you who want to provide best label for your product, which in the end will satisfied your customer. Furthermore, all those printer also can be said is available at the most affordable price. Therefore, if you use them, you won’t only get the most effective tool for your company. But, you also can save more money, from the beginning when you buy it as well as low production cost when you use those best label printer products. Of course, to give more benefits and great effect on your production effectiveness, you need to choose the product with feature like what you need.

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