10 Best Handheld GPS for Hunting – Detailed Reviews

Do you like hunting? If you do, you might found that using best GPS for hunting will help you a lot. The devices will be able to decide where your position is. Therefore, with this device, you won’t get lost, which can become one of the worst things you ever experienced in your hunting adventure. By knowing where your location is, you also can avoid some problem that you can get when you enter the different area where you aren’t allowed to hunt at there. Of course, this will help you to enjoy this hunting adventure more.

The other great thing about using GPS for hunting is you can use it easily. Most of GPS device for hunting are made in smaller size, so it will be easier to carry around and won’t give you any addition to the weight of the equipment that you carry. This will make you easier to explore the hunting area, which mostly consists of heavy terrain and thick forest. More than that, most of the product that you can find on the market also can be operated with one or two buttons. This makes it easily to use faster, especially if you have found your target and need to know more information on this device.

The other good thing, there are many GPS devices that were specially made for hunting purpose that you can find on the market. Most of them have similar feature and quality. So, it could be a great thing for you, because you have a lot of choices. But, it also can be some problematic issue, because you will have a problem to choose the right one. For that reason, here are reviews of some best hunting GPS under $200 that you can find on the market and try to get for your hunting hobby.

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx 

Best Handheld GPS for HuntingActually, this product is the upgrade version of its previous series, the GPSMAP 60CS. The previous one is famous for its durability and it used on many outdoor activities and even marine use. The durability is quite high, with its waterproof and very strong material that can protect it from many harsh conditions that you usually face in the hunting area.

This product also has removable MicroSD that you can use to get information from your hunting experience as well as copying the information about the area, city, street and other into this device. Therefore, you can make this best GPS for hunting become even better and suitable for your hunting needs. You also can find many other features in this MicroSD, such as MapSource Topo, BlueChart marine cartography, City Navigator street maps and other. Therefore, you can get everything that you can get inside.

This device also uses a barometric altimeter for the most accurate information about elevation, plus with the electronic compass inside, you also know where you are standing. More than that, this product also has TFT display for clearer and detail image. More than that, it’s only 7.5 ounce, which is very lightweight for a GPS device you can carry around during your hunt activity.

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Garmin Oregon 450t 

Best GPS for HuntingThis product can be said as the best handheld GPS for hiking. First, it’s easy to use with its touchscreen feature. This will make you easier to operate this device. More than that, it can give you different information for your outdoor activity, such as the route you should take, waypoints, tracking feature and much more. The display also gives you clear image and great graphics, such as 3D maps, topographic maps, and even electronic compass. The information that you can get from this product is also really detail. Inside, you will get the US and European topographic maps. However, the MicroSD in it can be accessed to add more maps that you want.

The wireless feature also is a good thing. You can easily share the information inside into other GPD device that you have. More than that, you also can use the Geocaching.com to get more information about the location by downloading geocaches file.  The WAAS-enabled GPS receiver and HotFix satellite prediction are also a great addition. With this, you can get very accurate information about your location. You won’t get lost, definitely. The Garmin Connect feature also gives you the easiest way to share and copy the data from or into your computer.

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Garmin Foretrex 401 

best hunting gpsLike most of Garmin product, you will get all the great features from them. First are the high sensitivity GPS receiver and HotFix. Both of them are a great combination, because wherever your location is, even though you go through the thick forest or even deep canyons, you still be able to get information about your location. More than that, it’s very accurate. This product also can be said as best GPS for hunting because it can give you many different features, such as routes, waypoints, and even your heart rate. More than that, this device only needs 2 AAA batteries. Actually, this is a great feature, because whenever you run out the batteries, you can easily change it. And, for the batteries spare, you can easily carry it because it’s small size.

This product also uses LCD display with the TracBack feature, you can use to easily retrace your route and track when you hunt. And, through this display, you also can get other information, such as sunrise/sunset times, hunting and fishing information and more.  We can say that in this one device, you will get all hunting features that you need. And like mentioned before, you also can use it as your GPS device for fishing. So, it’s multifunction GPS devices.

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Garmin GPSMAP 60CS 

Handheld gps for huntingThe first thing that we notice from this device is the screen. This device uses TFT display with 256-color. This specification actually is enough to see how well the image you will get from this product screen. The 256-color will give you crystal clear display. More than that, the display is also made with transflective properties. This is very useful, especially if you use this best hunting GPS when you hunt at noon. The feature will allow you to read it under the sunlight. Still, about the display, this product uses the 2.6-inch display. This size is quite big for you to see all the information inside clearly.

Talking about information, you will get many different features in it. For example, there is 12-parallel-channels GPS, electronic compass with a barometric altimeter. With this stuff, you will get detail and accurate information about your location. If you want more, you also can use the 56 MB internal memory to add more maps. It supports USB and you can connect it to your PC to get the addition map. The other unique feature, you can also find Geolocation games inside, such as Geko Smak, Memory Race, Gekoids and Virtual Maze. So, if you get bored, you can use it.

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Garmin 72H 

Best Handheld Gps HuntingFirst of all, we would like to call this GPS product as a best handheld GPS for hunting.  The main reason why we call it like that is because this product isn’t only made for hunting. If you want to fish and using it for other outdoor activity, this GPS device will be able to become your best friend. With the IPX7 waterproof ability and its ability to float in water, this product can be used in any condition. Now, for hunting purpose, Garmin give it many other features. For example, it has long battery life, which can reach 18 hours, with this you don’t need to worry when you want to hunt for some difficult target for long period of time.

The receiver also can work really well. You can even detect your location in heavy tree cover forest and deep canyons. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting lost. In this product, there is a celestial data source, where you can get lots of information, such as the tides, sunrise and sunset time, and even hunting and fishing calendar. More than that, this product also has wide space, where you can save more than 500 maps and information in it.

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Magellan eXplorist 210 

Magellan has successfully created one of best handheld GPS for hunting device through this product. First, you can see it why it’s great product for outdoor activity from its design. It uses rugged design and using the strong and durable material. With this design, this product is suitable for the outdoor-sports activity. More than that, this product also has 12 channel WAAS GPS receiver. This receiver is one of the best you can find on the market. With this receiver, you can get any information and data that you need wherever you are.

This device also has 22 MB memory inside. You can use this space to get addition maps and other digital content. Therefore, if you want to hunt in other area or a new place, you can easily add the maps of that area. More than that, Magellan also installs some base map that will give you all information about road, waterways, park, and another important place you can use to help your hunting activity. For managing the maps and other information, this device also has Magellan Geocache Manager software that you can use. The size of this device is quite small, which is only 2.2 x 4.75 x 1.3 inches. With 6.1 ounces weight, it will be easier to carry around.

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Bushnell 360500 

This is also one of best GPS for hunting you can find out there. We can also say that this product has a most complete feature you can find. First, the display quality is available in HD format. That means you will get a clear image through the screen of this device. The design is also very beautiful. And, that’s not all. The product uses very strong material and can survive in many different harsh conditions. Basically, the design and outside appearance, as well as the durability are very satisfying.

Now, for the feature, this product has many features that can really help your hunting. For example, it can store up to 48 hours of trip data. You can record the data from 25 locations. More than that, you also can use this product to find more information about the time, temperature, location coordinates, elevation, and distances. This will help you to make a decision in your hunting activity. And, the other reason why we call it as one of the best hunting GPS device is its ability to predict the peak periods of some animal that will be your target. You also can mark the location where you have shot the target and take it back home.

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Garmin eTrex Hiking GPS

One word for this product is easy. You can easily use and operate it with its user-friendly design. But, the thing that makes it become the easiest and best hunting GPS you can use is the automatic feature. This device can generate the route that you use automatically. More than that, it even recalculates the route, if you choose wrong or off-route other than the route that you usually take. The turn-by-turn direction navigation is also one of best feature you can get here. With this, you will be guided and won’t get lost in the area where you will hunt. Plus, you will arrive safely at your destination.

By looking at this feature, we know that Garmin tries to give this device huge boost on its GPS feature. So, if we have to choose the best GPS device for hunting, which can work like a real GPS, this product is the one. Other than that guide feature, this product also has the IPX7 standard waterproof ability, which is enough to protect it from water that you might get during your hunting. The small size, which is only 1.2 x 1.3 x 4.7 inches, also won’t give you any problem when you carry it.

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Magellan eXplorist 200 

The one-button GPS device, that’s what we call this product. That name is reasonable because this best GPS for hunting can be used that way. You just need to press one button on this device and you can access and operate many different features and menu you can find in this device. This feature allows you access the menu, where you can choose many different features. You also can use it to access navigation screens, backlighting adjustment and much more. Basically, you can easily use it like what we said before. With 2.3 inch LCD, you can easily operate it. Unfortunately, it’s only grayscale LCD, which isn’t as beautiful as other product. But, for us, it’s pretty much helpful and clear for you to see all information that you need.

Other than those easy to use features, this product also has other feature that makes it is suitable to be called as the best device for hunting. For example, you can store up to 500 waypoints, 20 different routes, and five track logs. With a lot of data you can store inside, you will get one device that can optimally help you. Plus, it’s small enough to carry around and put it in your pocket.

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Magellan eXplorist 500 

This is also one of best GPS for hunting devices you can find out there. What makes it become the best is the complete features and ability, although, in our point of view, all of them are a standard feature. But, still, with a complete feature in one device, it’s become the best device you can get. First, you can get a device with waterproof ability. It also has USB data port that you can use to add extra information and data inside. This device also has 16 MB storage inside for this purpose. Inside, Magellan also adds 8 MB of North American maps with detail information about the road, parks and more.

If you need more space, this device storage also can be expanded by using Unlimited Secure Digital by using the CD-ROM or Web. Other than that, it has LCD 16-color display for clear and detail information you can see on it. This will make you easier to read the information, especially if you hunt or fishing at night when you are in the dark area. More than that, this device also uses rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. It’s actually good thing, but, if it’s run out, you can change it with new and has to recharge it on the place with power socket.

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So, those were our handheld GPS reviews. By looking at that information, the main important thing that you have to use when you want to buy or choose GPS for hunting is the tracking feature. Basically, choose the product with the function like what it really is the GPS device. The best GPS for hunting should be able to give you information about the exact location where you stand and the area that you want to enter. That way you can avoid getting lost as well as easily knows where your hunting target really is. More than that, the rugged and durable design is also important. You will use it for outdoor activity; therefore, you need a product that can survive in that condition. And, the other things that you also need to use to choose are the feature. An extra feature like auto tracking, easy data transfer and the even game installed in the device, are important. By looking at these features, you can easily decide which product that is suitable for your hunting hobby and style. If you can choose the product with all of those requirements like what you need, you will get one of the best tools that can help you to enjoy your hunting even more.


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