Top Tips for Dealing with Debt Collectors the Right Way

In today's highly uncertain times, out of six people in a room, at least two of them are probably being hounded by debt collectors. Though these collection agents are supposed to have strict guidelines as to what they can and cannot do, a lot is done that isn't by the books. While it's extremely important to pay your bills and to pay them on time, you don't deserve to be hounded either. In this blog, you'll find a few tips for dealing with those pesky collection agents the right way. 

Pay the Bill/Make Arrangements

Of course, the most obvious way to make the collection calls stop is to either make arrangements with the collection agency or pay the bill off in its entirety. You can do that in a number of ways, including trying to get a loan from one of the many loan places in Gonzales, TX, if you live in that area. 

If paying the bill or even making arrangements isn't possible for you or if you feel that you're being abused by the debt collectors in some way, the options below may serve you better instead. 

Ask for Proof of the Debt You Owe

When you get that first notification from a debt collector, you should always ask for proof of the debt that you owe them. There are popular scams out there that involve saying you owe a debt that you never created, to begin with. In other cases, debts are sold to a third party that has already been settled or even paid off. Never agree to pay anything until you have proof of that debt in writing in your hand. 

Stop Letting Calls Disrupt Your Daily Life 

It's hard to get anything done or even to have a life if the phone is constantly ringing with threats from different bill collectors. Even if it's a valid debt, you need to hang up with these people. Under federal law, you can ask them to stop calling and they have to comply with your wishes. Tell them that you will only accept written communication about your debt. You can request that they contact you in the following ways instead.

  • Through your attorney (if you have one)
  • By mail only
  • Or only during certain hours of the day by phone

File a Complaint if Abusive Behavior Persists

In many, okay most, cases the collection agent will continue to call day in and day out, even when you ask them to stop. In this case, you can file a complaint about abusive behavior. There are many things that are illegal for a debt collector to do. Make sure that you do the research for your county and state and then file a complaint with the proper agency. 

These are just a few tips for stopping debt collectors from bugging you on a daily basis. Remember, though you do need to pay any valid debts you have, they do not have the right to abuse that power and bug you every day, all day long.