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Proposed Greater Protection For Patients in Clinical Research

Medical College will present proposals to the World Medical Association

To the World Medical Association, a body that regulates this field by global agreement called the Declaration of Helsinki.

This was announced by Dr. Alfredo Benavides Zuniga, a member of the Ethics Committee of the Medical College of Peru, who noted that the CMP in exercise of its powers and representing physicians and Peruvian medicine, will present these and other proposals, some of which were collected in the forum “New revision of the Helsinki Declaration”, which was held last week with the participation of national specialists in Bioethics.

In the Forum organized by the Medical College of Peru, Dr. Dante Ananos participated castile, president of the Ethics Committee of the Medical College, Dr. Solomon Zavala Sarrio member of the Institute for Ethics in Health National University of San Marcos and among others, Dr. Armando Calvo, researcher and professor at the Universidad Cayetano Heredia. This meeting was attended by 120 participants representing various institutions and organizations related to this field.

According to Dr. Benavides, the proposals present the CMP obey its role as an organization that protects the rights of people and specifically participants in clinical trials, to complement the regulatory role of the state through competent organizations currently force.

He said that the Declaration of Helsinki came in 1964 promoted by the World Medical Association (WMA). Is an independent and representative, and great ethical value, 50 Years Declaration of force in the global arena next year and its function is to provide guidelines that can protect people who participate in clinical trials and other activities related to the development of biomedical research. While its provisions are not binding can be assumed by the signatories and incorporated into national specific legislation.

He said that the Declaration of Helsinki periodically records modifications or adaptations to new conditions imposed by the development of technologies and legislation.

Medical Counterparty

He also said that in the historical process of the development of human research oriented policy have appeared to have a different approach to the protection of patients, somehow weakening solid ethical principles of the Declaration, the same that has been modified up to eight times and is in the final, which occurred in the city of Seoul, Korea, has been issued the latest valid version.

However, some associations and organizations involved in research have made important criticisms, especially in countries like ours, have vulnerable populations who might be injured if not taken proper care are involved in clinical research .

Also announced that next October will be held in Fortaleza, Brazil, a meeting sponsored by the WMA Council to define the final modifications of the Declaration of Helsinki, so that all institutions submit proposals as the CMP will be collected and evaluated so that future research have the best level of protection for patients.

For this purpose the proposals of the Medical College of Peru will be forwarded to the World Medical Association on 15 of this month.

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