10 Best Portable Fish Finders for Kayaks & Small Boats

10 Best Portable Fish Finders for Kayaks & Small Boats

Things to Consider For Using on Kayak

Now you know which product that can be said as the best portable fish finder from the list above. What you need to do next is how to use them when you are kayak fishing. Here are few things you need to consider about that.


It related to the type of kayak that you use. Make sure you install the fish finder on the easy-to-reach area. Therefore, when you need to use it fast or to change its mode, you can easily do it without moving too much.

Water Protection

Even though the fish finder has waterproof feature, it doesn’t means you can let it out like that and contact with too much water. It happens a lot when you ride kayak. So, always keep it in the sealed place protected from water.


Make sure you fully charge your fish finder before you go kayak fishing. And, of course, to make everything easier, you also can carry extra battery or power source that can recharge your fish finder in the middle of your trip. It’s reasonable because once you ride your kayak; you won’t find any power pocket.

The Extra Battery

You also need to carry a place where you can put your extra battery safely. Make sure it is protected from water, especially salt water, if you plan to fish on offshore area. Usually, you also can place it in the hull of your kayak.

Basically, those were few things you need to consider when you want to use fish finder for kayak fishing. With those tips, plus best quality portable fish finder, you will get better experience in kayak fishing.

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