10 Best Fish Finders for Under $500 & $200 – Updated

10 Best Fish Finders for Under $500 & $200 – Updated

Things To Consider

Now, you know what kinds of product that you can choose when you want to get Best Fish Finder under $500 & $200 . However, to choose the right one, you need to consider few things.


The simple way, if you choose fish finder with high frequency, you will get high detail on your screen. This is useful because the fish finder with low frequency capability, like lower than 192 kHz will give you blur image. You will have difficulty to differentiate between floating object and fish.


This is also important. If you want to know how the bottom of the lake or river looks likes way faster, you need fish finder with high power. High power will make it work faster and give you the scanning result right away.

Screen Resolution

It’s pretty clear, that screen with high resolution will give you high detailed and quality image. That way, you can easily know which one are the fish and other object. More than that, the screen with high resolution also feels more comfortable for your eyes.

Screen Color

Black and white or monochrome screen fish finder is still on the market and you can buy them. You can still use them alright. But, using colored display will be much better and easier to know the condition.


This part is the receiver of the sonar waves that bounce back after the fish finder sent it. Find the thru-hull type transducers for more quality result and better image it produce. Make sure it also has wide cone angles and numerous beams. This will give you wider area to scan. And, still on the transducers part, find the fish finder with transducers made of fiberglass or metal hulls. The reason is it’s stronger and more durable.

That’s how you can find Best Fish Finder under 500 & 200 US dollars. Using the tips and part that you need to consider, plus the review of several product above, we believe, you will get the product that you want.

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